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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 01:08 AM
Number of posts: 4,162

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We shutdown our mobile dog grooming business today - no fuel

It's fuel intensive business since we run the generator to power the dryers and clippers etc, plus the vehicles themselves are heavy vans or trailers.

Couldn't fuel them up yesterday without driving 20 miles.

Hopefully we can restart next week.

(outside of Raleigh NC)

I'm going to start lying about being vaccinated

I'm already tired of the question and the required followup explanation

It's going to be easier to just lie and say "yes", than accept the judgement and spend 5 minutes discussing my medical history with a skeptical and virtue signaling busybody.

(My Doctor has advised me to NOT get vaccinated because of my prior history with adverse reactions to prior vaccines. Including a severe reaction which left me hospitalized)

Now that Biden and future Presidents are no longer under the thumb of Rush Limbaugh

Do you think we can finally see some change?

How long till he is indicted?

End of the week? End of the month?

Anyone want to take a guess when Trump gets indicted by New York or others?

Tomorrow is really finally the beginning of the end

I just wish it didn't take a full 4 years.

Bye tDUMP!

Hopefully Verizon, ATT & Sprint take the lead too

And totally shutdown the hate groups.

shouldn't be too difficult for these large companies to identify them by their communications.

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