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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 02:58 PM
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Former journalist,,k12 school librarian

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Dedicated to Comey

He looks a little down. His whole world view has been rocked. He is seeing the truth. Can be quite a shock.



This song is about breaking through the "doors of perception"- what you see and think to be real, and what really is real- to the "other side", the side of life and everything you've never seen before. This means different things to different people. The gateway could be sex, drugs, or music, or just a personal revelation you have, but at some point in our lives, we have to "break on through to the other side" and find our own version of the truth in life.

Hmmm..Sean Hannity...was he

Using Cohen to hide a mistress? A pregnant mistress? Getting an NDA for someone? Those seem to be Cohenís specialties. All the media is right now speculating, so thought I would.

FYI: I was just at the social sercurity office to get a new card. They guy told me my

Medicare card, all of them, is being replaced in the next month. Maybe you all already knew, but I didnít. They are putting new numbers on the card and taking off the SS numbers. Lot of work for all the medical people, but I never understood them using SS numbers.

Lock him up!

Kushner is stealing secrets from an office he canít get a clearance for, because heís a liar and a crook and an all around rotten, creepy, evil person. He sells the secrets to SA, which causes an overthrow. The crown prince brags heís got Kushner in his pocket. And when Quatar refused to loan Kushner money, he orchestrated a blockade with surrounding countries creating hunger and other problems (which trump signed off on) forget we have an important base there. So Kushner is stealing classified United States secrets and selling them around the world, creating unrest in areas whose stabilization is vital to our nation. Looks like a clear case of treason to me. He needs to be cuffed and taken away before he can cause more harm to our country.

Does anyone have suggestions for signs for The women's march Saturday?

I am going to the one in Sedona. I am going to get a few signs made, some for others. I would appreciate your suggestions. I have one hanging on my front fence. Benedict Donald. Traitor trump. Not my president. The neighbors told me to keep up the good work and another wants to go to the march.

All of a sudden the reps and trump really, really want bipartisanship.

Anyway iíve Been half listening to msnbc this afternoon , while I clean house, and have heard a few republicans, McConnell? And trump come out from Camp David to say, they really, really want bipartisan relationships with the Democrats. REALLY? Letís look at this; Were they bipartisan last year with the tax bill, the committees on Russian interference, trying to repeal ACA? Did we get to speak even? How about Gorsech? How about how they tried to be bipartisany during the Obama Administration?

One thing they want is an 18 billion wall in the budget (in return for DACA and CHP?, what we want). They canít pass the budget without us and want to stick a bunch more of their crap in there. If dems make nice or cave to these MF who have already gotten enough goodies to break the bank and load our children and grandchildren with forever debt, I will throw my hands in the air and then puke. Make a stand Democrats! At this point I donít care if the government gets shut down. We are always paying their blackmail.

Should Democrats work with republicans?

How come every day I come here, log in, get kicked out if I leave the sight, even though I check

stay logged in. I end up relogging in five, six times a day. Sometimes donít rec or comment because I need to log in again. Help!

Gonna make sure I dont hear or see,even by accident, trumps speech on national security

in an hour or so. Canít stand to listen or look at him, SHS, or Sessions. Mostly lying nonsense. Will let the press suffer through it.

Just a quick thought, not a nice one It struck me that when Ammarosa

Got thrown out of the WH the day after the AL election it was an act of anger by trump because blackwomen defeated him by voting 95% forJones. Ammarosa was the only convenient black woman in his range to take his anger out on.

Who elected Jared President?


I wonder all the time, where did Jared come from and why is he acting like he's the President? Assuming all policy decisions, making the decision to fire Comey, going to Iraq and sitting next to the president all day. Now it appears he was setting up a back channel to Russia while Obama was still president, with no authority to do so. How did all the powers of president end up in an unelected, inexperienced unqualified ethically challenged Person? Nepotism. But watchdog groups are paying attention and challenging Jareds position in the administration. Is he an advisor, or taking on the mantle of president?

From the article: watchdog group sees conflicts in Jared kushners vast wealth and responsibilities.

The public perception issue sweeps in all of Kushner's duties in the Trump administration. As senior adviser, he gives Trump confidential advice. He also heads up a new White House Office of American Innovation, created to reorganize the federal government, and has other responsibilities including veterans care, opioids, China, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East and solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The letter concludes that Kushner should recuse himself from involvement in tax, real estate, trade, banking and financial services matters, along with everything involving China and other countries where Ivanka Trump's merchandise is marketed.

So with Jared responsible for policies that affect all of us, including vets, without being elected or vetted, I have to ask, who made Jared president and what is trump doing besides sitting on his fat ass, golfing and rolling around in a golf cart because he can't walk a short ways with the other world leaders. He's an embarrassment to our nation and the world and is trying to destroy everything our country stands for. With the help of Jared.
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