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Who elected Jared President?


I wonder all the time, where did Jared come from and why is he acting like he's the President? Assuming all policy decisions, making the decision to fire Comey, going to Iraq and sitting next to the president all day. Now it appears he was setting up a back channel to Russia while Obama was still president, with no authority to do so. How did all the powers of president end up in an unelected, inexperienced unqualified ethically challenged Person? Nepotism. But watchdog groups are paying attention and challenging Jareds position in the administration. Is he an advisor, or taking on the mantle of president?

From the article: watchdog group sees conflicts in Jared kushners vast wealth and responsibilities.

The public perception issue sweeps in all of Kushner's duties in the Trump administration. As senior adviser, he gives Trump confidential advice. He also heads up a new White House Office of American Innovation, created to reorganize the federal government, and has other responsibilities including veterans care, opioids, China, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East and solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The letter concludes that Kushner should recuse himself from involvement in tax, real estate, trade, banking and financial services matters, along with everything involving China and other countries where Ivanka Trump's merchandise is marketed.

So with Jared responsible for policies that affect all of us, including vets, without being elected or vetted, I have to ask, who made Jared president and what is trump doing besides sitting on his fat ass, golfing and rolling around in a golf cart because he can't walk a short ways with the other world leaders. He's an embarrassment to our nation and the world and is trying to destroy everything our country stands for. With the help of Jared.

Warning: the vote will be televised, analyzed and disseminated.

Names will be taken and the truth will be known. There will be nowhere you heartless bastards who vote to kill millions can hide. You will be pursued, hounded and shamed for the rest of your lives.
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