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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 02:58 PM
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Former journalist,,k12 school librarian

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Does anyone have suggestions for signs for The women's march Saturday?

I am going to the one in Sedona. I am going to get a few signs made, some for others. I would appreciate your suggestions. I have one hanging on my front fence. Benedict Donald. Traitor trump. Not my president. The neighbors told me to keep up the good work and another wants to go to the march.

All of a sudden the reps and trump really, really want bipartisanship.

Anyway iíve Been half listening to msnbc this afternoon , while I clean house, and have heard a few republicans, McConnell? And trump come out from Camp David to say, they really, really want bipartisan relationships with the Democrats. REALLY? Letís look at this; Were they bipartisan last year with the tax bill, the committees on Russian interference, trying to repeal ACA? Did we get to speak even? How about Gorsech? How about how they tried to be bipartisany during the Obama Administration?

One thing they want is an 18 billion wall in the budget (in return for DACA and CHP?, what we want). They canít pass the budget without us and want to stick a bunch more of their crap in there. If dems make nice or cave to these MF who have already gotten enough goodies to break the bank and load our children and grandchildren with forever debt, I will throw my hands in the air and then puke. Make a stand Democrats! At this point I donít care if the government gets shut down. We are always paying their blackmail.

Should Democrats work with republicans?

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