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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 02:58 PM
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Former journalist,,k12 school librarian

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Off on another bs investigation. I couldn't get a link but the story is up on DK by Mark Sumner an

And same stuff on the hill.

summers article titled to the effect, this is a subpoena frenzy so repubs can prove their loyalty to trump.

But appearances must be kept up and propaganda doesnít prop itself. So Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is drafting a set of subpoenas for everyone with even a tangential connection to the famous ďdossier.Ē As The Hill reports, the committee is calling in Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr, and Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of political research firm Fusion GPS. And thatís not all: according to The Hill, Goodlatte also intends to drag in a hodgepodge of current and former FBI and DOJ officials. And anyone else they can think of.

Donít know about you, but Iím sick of this.

Trump hates America and Americans.

Iíve thought and contemplated why does he do the things he does? which is terrible and evil. He lowers all environmental standards which took years to develop. Now coal can dump its ash, car emission regulations have beenp gutted. Face it he doesnít care if we have clean water or air. Because he doesnít care about us. He gets rid of endangered species act and declared open season on bears and grey wolves. Also all the national parks are open for extraction companies to degrade, rape and pollute. He brought back the pesticide that kills bees . Why? Because he hates everything we care about, because he hates America and Americans. He rips away innocent children from their mothers and drugs them, and they are getting abused. Why would he do this? Iím sure heís making money off of this misery. The private prisons are making millions. Another way to suck the treasury. We now have over a trillion dollar debt and growing. Trump wants another tax cut for rich people. He wants his wall, billions, he wants his parade, he just gave farmers 12 billion he wants to golf every weekend and stick us with the bill, but the people in this country canít get health care or food stamps. Why does he do this? He is trying to bankrupt the country because he is trying to destroy us. Why? Because he hates us?. Why? maybe because the banks wouldnít loan to him when he was broke. He carries anger resentment and grudges forever. He turned to Russia. Thatís why Putin owns his and our country is being raped and plundered. Magattes. Get a clue. Trump hates you and like everyone else he has touched like Rick Wilsons new book is titled: Everything trump Touches Dies.
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