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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 02:58 PM
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Former journalist,,k12 school librarian

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A sad story ..but thought i would share.

My sister lives on top of a hill. She had two cats, my niece two cats, they are cat people. About a week ago my dog was barking and barking and the cat was screaming. I came around the side of the house to see what was going on. Mercy my dog showed me where Lacy was. Found in a berry bramble, trapped and had to be cut out. Scott my brother in law ran out and gently clipped her out. She could not move and we put her on a small bed. Scott and my sister Cindy rushed her to the vet, but nothing could be done. The vet found three talon marks which meant it was probably a hawk.. her back and neck were broken. The vet gently helped her go. I was very upset by all this, but it turned out hawks and eagles go after cats. My niece said thatís why she keeps her cats inside. My sister told me this was the third cat they lost to hawks. We all cried. It as very sad.
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