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McConnell: No concerns about Trump's handling of classified info

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that he isn't concerned about President Trump's handling of classified information amid allegations that he shared it with top Russian officials.

Asked if he was concerned about Trump's handling of the intelligence information, McConnell laughed before telling reporters, "No."

"I think it would be helpful to have less drama emanating from the White House," he added after a question about how concerned his caucus was over the president's recent string of controversies.


And nothing will be done.

The news networks are walking it back.

The banner on NBC this morning read,

"Did President Trump leak classified information?"

Looks like the fix is in.

Fuck you, turtle.

Trump leak "Worse than First Reported"


Trump to light White House blue to honor police

Source: The Hill

The president signed a proclamation Monday declaring the day "Peace Officer Memorial Day" and the upcoming week "Police Week." At the signing ceremony, Trump said that he would also request that American flags fly at half-mast to memorialize fallen officers, according to a pool report.

"During Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, we honor the men and women of law enforcement who have been killed or disabled in the course of serving our communities. Police officers are the thin blue line whose sacrifices protect and serve us every day, and we pledge to support them as they risk their lives to safeguard ours," Trump said in the text of the proclamation.

The document goes on to note that out of the 118 officers who died on duty last year, 66 were "victims of malicious attacks." That represents an increase of almost 40 percent from the previous year, according to the administration.
Presidents sometimes light up the iconic residence to promote various causes. Trump previously lit the White House blue in recognition of World Autism Awareness Day. And former President Barack Obama lit the White House in a rainbow pattern to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

Read more: https://www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/homenews/administration/333424-trump-to-light-wh-blue-to-honor-police%3Famp

Trying to cement his authoritarian daddy image before he gets impeached.

This is worrisome.

Congress must be a check on Trump to avoid a Constitutional crisis - 538

The term “constitutional crisis” is a slippery and overused one. Quite often, the Constitution offers us a roadmap for addressing transgressions. The Civil War was a true constitutional crisis because there was substantial disagreement over a basic aspect of the national compact (Could states leave?) and the two disagreeing sides were each well-armed and convinced of their rectitude. But to call a presidential abuse of power a crisis of the constitutional system is like calling a bank robbery a crisis of the financial system. It’s not. There are ways to address it.

The problem comes when the relevant actors simply won’t perform their constitutional duties because of other considerations. Trump has violated all manner of norms in the early months of his presidency — he hasn’t divested from his business interests, his daughter has a West Wing office, her husband represents the nation abroad, he falsely accuses his predecessor of crimes, he conducts foreign policy outdoors at a restaurant and using unsecured phones, etc. — and those violations have largely gone unaddressed by one of the two branches of government in charge of regulating him. (The judicial branch, of course, has been a consistent thorn in Trump’s side.) But we face new norm violations today, including the president’s threatening the former FBI director over Twitter.

If Congress continues its investigation into Russian interference in the election and assures that the FBI does the same, then the Constitution’s checks and balances could end up working. (That investigation could, of course, lead to another kind of crisis, depending on what it concluded.) But if Trump continues to interfere in the FBI’s activity, and Congress doesn’t step up its own investigation, we could end up in a true constitutional crisis.



Keep calling your congress persons, keep the pressure on.

There is too much at stake not to.

NEW from Putin Cosmetics!

"Radioactive Potato Face"

There have probably been thousands of articles and parodies written about Donald Trump since he secured the Republican nomination and rode a wave of white nationalism and racism into the Oval Office, but nothing can ever come close to matching the dick-swinging insanity that tumbles out of his radioactive potato face whenever he attempts to use the English language. Which is why the AP made the absolutely genius decision to simply release a full transcript of Julie Pace's interview with the president that is easily the must-read piece of Trump's entire political career. It is a mind-melting journey into Trump's psyche, and the equivalent of listening to your 80-year-old grandmother with Alzheimer's attempt to describe an alternative universe.

Whenever he isn't literally admitting that he has no fucking clue how anything works, he's frantically changing the subject to his "chemistry" with foreign leaders that clearly hate him or repeatedly mentioning how the Electoral College favors Democrats - ask Al Gore or Hillary Clinton about that - so isn't it just incredible that he won? Which is apparently Trump's new thing after enough people somehow convinced him to stop saying the largest electoral fraud in American history (that never happened) cost him the popular vote.


"Radioactive Potato Face"

Trump is 'out of control,' former FBI official says of the president's tweets

President Donald Trump's firing of James Comey as FBI director threatens the independence of America's top law enforcement agency, a former FBI official told CNBC.
"This is not going to end well for this administration," the former official said.
"Trump) is out of control," the former official continued, adding that what the president has done "goes against core American values."



Link to Trump with Raided GOP Fundraiser Office, Twitter


If this is real, we can expect things to get very hot in D.C. very soon.

NBC exclusive - Trump: I was going to fire Comey 'regardless,' he was a 'showboat'

Source: CNBC

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he was going to fire "showboat" FBI Director James Comey "regardless" of what the Justice Department recommended, directly contradicting what the White House said Wednesday.
In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Trump said the FBI had been in "turmoil" and called Comey a "showboat."

"Look, he's a showboat, he's a grandstander, the FBI has been in turmoil. You know that, I know that. Everybody knows that. You take a look at the FBI a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil, less than a year ago — it hasn't recovered from that," Trump said at the White House.
White House officials are scrambling to justify the timing of Comey's termination, insisting that he lost his job because of his conduct in the probe into Hillary Clinton's emails last year. They said it had nothing to do with the FBI's probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, which Comey first revealed publicly in March and includes any possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Read more: https://www.google.com/amp/www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/05/11/trump-i-was-going-to-fire-comey-regardless-of-recommendation-that-was-given-to-me.html

Trump completely off his frigging rocker.

CNN- The White House's explanation for the firing of James Comey is totally unraveling

What the ever-changing stories trying to explain why Trump did what he did suggest is that no one either knows or wants to talk about the real reason that Trump moved on Comey.

And that reason appears to be, according to scads of reporting in CNN and elsewhere, that Trump was angry at Comey -- for not being enough of a company man, for seemingly undercutting his 2016 victory, for dismissing the ideas that President Obama had surveilled him in the campaign, for continuing to push on the Russia investigation when Trump wanted him to spend more time on the number of leaks coming out of the intelligence agencies.

This line, from a piece by CNN's Jeff Zeleny and John King, is particularly revealing:

"Several people familiar with the decision say the President grew increasingly frustrated at Comey after his congressional hearing last Wednesday when he testified that he was 'mildly nauseous' over the idea that he helped sway the election."

Trump, we know, spends a lot of time talking about and thinking about his 2016 election victory. And nothing makes him angrier than when he believes someone is trying to either lessen or take credit for what he accomplished in that race. That, in Trump's mind, is the one unforgivable sin.
Why? Because, as of right now, it appears that the president of the United States fired the director of the FBI because he was angry at him for not doing exactly what Trump wanted him to do. And that should be very concerning. To everyone.


The message here is unmistakable.

Time for Trump to go.

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