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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 06:55 PM
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Trump's "Unified" America

Trump had a press conference 2/16, and one of his statements revealed a lot about what he thinks of people who don’t support him. Among the many outrageous things he said (such as: the leaks coming from his Administration are real, but the news stories about the leaks are fake, and telling an African American reporter to set up a conference between himself and the Congressional Black Caucus, because hey, don’t all black people know each other?), one thing in particular stood out: what he said about protesters at Republican Town Hall meetings: “They are not the Republican people that our representatives represent.”

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Party over Country

Today, the Republicans in the House had a golden opportunity to show the American people that they are more interested in their country than they are in their party. They failed. Miserably. In a vote that came down right along party lines, every Republican member of the House voted against requesting Trump’s tax returns from the IRS. Republicans have shown us, over and over and over again, that they are more interested in their party than they are in their country. Please click the link below to read more.


Poof! You are banned from entering the US via Executive Order

The Executive Order he signed was done from a place of cowardice, fear, and weakness. Only cowards use what power they have to control others. Only the fearful use what courage they have to harm others. Only the weak use what strength they have to demean others. Only “snowflakes” are so afraid of melting that they kick others off the ice.

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