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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 01:55 PM
Number of posts: 1,247

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NOW is the time:

For legal scholars to make clear to the tRUMP administration that any official documents, including emails, texts and TWEETS that are destroyed or deleted will be modified will not be accepted and those responsible will be punished.

Korean 108 bows.

Trying to find historical information about them.

Who authored the original?


Ancient translation or link to any information.

thank you.

THIS needs to be @biden talking point!

The largest public companies taking payroll loans meant for small businesses number over 100. Drain the SWAMP he said...ha, every Maggot needs to know this. Their JOBS are lost because of this. Don't let this scumbag tRUMP get ahead of the curve and BLAME someone else. NAIL HIM!

Every responsible reporter needs to report this and NOT let tRUMP deflect, divert or LIE. Nail him and keep it stuck to his ass!

Rant over. Sorry.

The Powers that tRUMP will have when/if he declares a National Emergency. Read it and buckle up!


Canceling Political Rallies

Biden and Sanders did so out of concern. tRUMP refuses to cancel because his rallies are to him what blood was to Dracula.

Can Governors ban gatherings over a certain number? If so, we should be encourage them to do so if tRUMP refuses to protect people.

Combine Germaphobe and Narcissist and what do you get?

A reality show guy who is crapping his pants in fear of holding own propaganda rallies.

Be wonderful if the Cult45ers actually show up but he bails out...or they infect each other.

Why tRUMP will win in 2020, UNLESS

Source: The Guardian

Five reasons why Labour lost the election.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/13/five-reasons-why-labour-lost-the-election

The unless is: Unless we read this article and recognize many of the points that gave BoJo the win and unless we and the Democratic candidate understand what happened last night we will be doomed and tRUMP will get a second term.

Everything For Everyone

I'm concerned that the trillions of $ many of the Dem candidates are making cornerstones of their campaigns is gonna backfire on whichever candidate emerges as nominee. Forget the socialism tag it's just the overwhelming numbers that are being floated that will remain in the minds of tRUMP fence sitters, and even a lot of Dems. I know a number of Repubs who regret voting for tRUMP, were openly speaking of voting for a Dem but lately have been voicing major concern about these Trillions of $ being floated for "free this or that" and various programs from climate to reparations. Am I alone in this thinking?

A shocking revelation

Tonight on TRMS she spoke about the two new lawsuits filed against the tRUMP administration. McCabe and Strzok . What became clear as Rachel detailed the vast number of women and men plucked, kicked, removed from any position which could cause trouble for tRUMP, find facts and evidence or otherwise be a PITA for tRUMP is that he's not smart enough to be identifying these people. So, who is?

We all know by his word salad, actions and behavior that tRUMP doesn't understand how our government works. He confuses, mangles and just outright lies about everything. The lies are his misguided defense to the truth and facts. But removing key individuals who might in his twisted mind cause him problems is too sophisticated a plan for this moron. So, who's the " potus whisperer" ? If Bannon were still there I would think him, maybe Miller or Conway. But it has to be someone tRUMP trusts or is indebted to.

Who could it be?


Be aware, Never forget, Don't be Suckered!

Diversion is tRUMP's strongest suit. Right now he's got the entire US and even the World diverted from what Mueller found about tRUMP'S criminal, impeachable actions...yet we talk about his racist tweets. tRUMP is tied to Epstein and sex trafficking of children yet these horrible issues are moved down the news cycle.

We NEED to NOT keep moving on from incredibly damaging findings about this corrupt immoral POS.

If tRUMP invades Venezuela, bombs Iran, sets another meaningless photo op with North Korea or some other diversion the media will follow that DIVERSION and Racism will be in rear view mirror.

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