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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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Stone's Tweets May Have Landed Him In Trouble

Now The Hill is reporting on Stone's "perfectly legal back-channel" tweet that vanished: http://thehill.com/homenews/322431-roger-stone-claims-legal-back-channel-to-assange

Who Wears the Military Uniform Best?




I guess tRump has to be dictator a few more years in order to graduate to the full on Eagle Scout Dictator uniform.

What happened to those extra sanctions?

As I recall, late December/early January the Senate did not think the sanctions Obama placed on Russia were enough. Why is there no call for extra sanctions now? I'm thinking maybe the Democrats should bring this up again, especially since tRump is trying to remove Obama's sanctions.

What will our relationship with Russia look like

after all this crap is over and the sane people take control again?

If tRump and the Grabbers Of Pussy are evil, then Putin is evil times a billion. I cannot see any relations with Russia being normalized within the next ten years. Seems like this was an all or nothing play by Putin, and it is turning on him. The world is watching this unfold here in the states and taking preventative measures at home. Will anyone in democratic countries continue relations with Russia?

Furthermore, when Russians get tired of Putin failing bigly, are they going to leak all of his kompromat? I can see it happening as a way for them to come clean, as sort of appeasement.

If Sessions is not arrested...

Time for the angry mob with pitchforks!

Sneak Peak at GOP's Replacement for ACA


I Cannot Accept That There Will be 4 Years of This Shit

Day after day, week after week, bombshells drop. Nothing happens to dislodge the orange menace.

Has everyone else just accepted that we will have to endure this for the entire term?
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