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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
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Did anyone hear NPR this morning tear Twitter a new @#&hole?

Twitter Public Policy Director On How Company Monitors Content https://www.npr.org/2018/08/31/643582365/twitter-public-policy-director-on-how-company-monitors-content

INSKEEP: What do you think about when you go to work at this company - and I'm sure you're proud to work for Twitter - and you must hear the comments of people who use Twitter, who rely on Twitter, who like certain aspects of Twitter but nevertheless describe Twitter as a cesspool? What do you think about when you hear that?

MONJE: I think we have the most incredible engineers anywhere, who, if we tell them to aim at a challenge, they'll get there. We know we're doing better than we were. We can see it in the numbers that we see internally, the reduced number of abuse reports. Our work's never going to be done because the bad guys always shift their tactics.

INSKEEP: So you've told me how you respond, how you're trying to make the conversation better. But I want to come back to that word, cesspool, because people use it. Why do you think it is that people who use your service, who know your service, commonly describe it as a cesspool?

MONJE: You know, we have made a bunch of changes to our platform - 20 30 policy changes just in the last year.

INSKEEP: Well, you're talking about changes. I get you want to talk about changes...

MONJE: Yeah. Yeah.

INSKEEP: But why do you think it is that people view Twitter that way, people who use it?

Inskeep talks about how horrible Alex Jones is and how they barred him for only a week. He takes Monje to task with the accountability question. If you didn't hear it, you should listen. The audio reflects the dodging of the question much better than the transcript.

GOTV! We don't want to cheeto faced ferret wearing shitgibbon this up!

Could be a bumper sticker.

Denver school shooting this afternoon

One child in critical condition following shooting near Denver school

Denver police are investigating a shooting in which one child was critically injured outside a Denver school in the 3200 block of Marion Street on Tuesday afternoon, according to officials.

The victim, a male juvenile, has been transported to Denver Health Medical Center. Tearful parents are waiting expectantly outside the school with little-to-no contact with their children.

The shooting happened at about 2 p.m. outside DSST Cole Middle School, in front of the Mitchell Building on the campus. DSST stands for Denver School of Science and Technology.

“We are actively looking for an individual and are seeking the community’s assistance. If they witnessed anything we ask them to share information,” Pazen said at a Tuesday news conference near the school.


Has anyone noticed that Myers Briggs personalities are the hot new thing on social media?

I see it every day now. "I'm such and such...and INFJ. Why is this thing all of a sudden? It's not a prize you win after taking the test people. It tells you your personality!

Does anyone else seem similarities between what happened in Myanmar and Rump?

In terms of ideology and hate rhetoric, they seem close.

The UN investigators were denied access to Myanmar by the government but interviewed 875 witnesses who had fled the country. They found that the military were “killing indiscriminately, gang-raping women, assaulting children and burning entire villages” in Rakhine, home to the Muslim Rohingya, and in Shan and Kachin. The Tatmadaw also carried out murders, imprisonments, enforced disappearances, torture, rapes and used sexual slavery and other forms of sexual violence, persecution and enslavement – all of which constitute crimes against humanity.

The UN report is very likely to anger Myanmar’s military and government, which have denied genocide has occurred in Rakhine and claimed that the Rohingya – whom they regularly refer to as “illegal Bengali immigrants” – instigated the violence by attacking security forces and then burning their own villages to the ground. Both the military and the civilian government, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, have stated that the actions of the armed forces were an appropriate response to “terrorists”.




#At some point I may need to get involved

I can see this as an excellent GOTV hashtag for the mid-terms.

Truthful Tweet about Reality Winner's sentence


Makes you think about about our justice system.

In my mind, this is what his daily routine has turned into

Flynn? HIDE!

Papa? HIDE!

Manafort? HIDE!

Cohen? HIDE!

Not Faux Nooze, too! HIDE!

Why is Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos not a person of interest?

She was the go between her new husband and Russia. Seems like she would be in more trouble than Georgie.

I called it! Calk plagiarized from Wikipedia, and I called it!

That means I'm qualified to do Rachel's job...right? Right?

Of course, as a college English comp prof, I'm used to seeing this type of thing. I'm also used to failing the Calks of the world
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