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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 5,940

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Gas prices up again today..........

That makes an increase of 55 cents per gallon since Trump declared low gas prices are like another tax cut!!


Any DU'ers using AT&T for internet only?

Had a fast talking sales guy ring the doorbell a couple of months ago. I'd just ditched COX's cable service for YT TV but I still have their internet. The guy was telling me that 100Mbit service would be $50 per month plus taxes,I'm paying $84 to COX for 100 and not getting 100. He told me it would be a dedicated line and the speed wouldn't drop with traffic like HSI through cable,although that's never happened that much where I live.

Question too,can you use your cable modem or do they provide equipment?? Do they need to run a line,it can't be coming through the twisted phone wire--or can it??


Always something good on Twitter..........

Looks like a TFR in place for WPB for the weekend.........

Time to start blowing $3M per week again on fat boy's golf habit.

Only 4% of Companies hired because of the Trump Tax SCAM--what a shock!!! Not....


More of the same tinkle down that NEVER EVER works. Now gas prices will soar on top of a soon to be shut down Gov again. I'm about to close my IRA and just hold it in a low interest account for a year or so.

Way to go DEMS!!!

No Gov SHUT DOWN bill by Dems!

The Stop STUPIDITY Act – short for Shutdowns Transferring Unnecessary Pain and Inflicting Damage In The Coming Years – “takes the aggressive but necessary step of forcing the President and Congress to do the jobs they were elected to do,” Warner’s office said in a statement.


First couple of those new AF tankers landed yesterday in Wichita. Their not even operational.......

What a SCAM that program has been. BILLIONS of tax payer $$$,a decade or so in the making. People throw in jail years ago,Boeing has been fined $3B and to top it off the aircraft STILL has major problems.

"The Air Force accepted the first delivery of the tankers earlier this month despite problems with its remote-vision system, which Boeing has agreed to pay to fix. Boeing has racked up more than $3 billion in charges related to delays.

A first effort to replace the KC-135s came after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Pentagon leaders tried to push through a lease-to-own deal with Boeing for 100 tankers based on the 767. A deal was struck. But an investigation into the bidding process ended with several resignations and prison sentences for former Air Force and Boeing officials. Boeing paid $615 million in fines.

In a second attempt, Boeing lost the bid to the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, the parent company of Airbus, and Northrup Grumman, a military contractor in Los Angeles. Boeing contested the decision, and the contract was eventually reopened. Boeing landed the tanker contract in 2011 and, less than a year later, announced it was leaving Wichita."

Meaning Boeing BITCHED until they got the contract from Airbus. And yeah,Wichita got SCREWED over big time by Boeing. After decades of zero prop tax and other perks they blow town for cheap labor. But...I'm sure Trump and his wall will never have ANY kind of problems and SCAMS like this one.

Come on....just give Trump his wall and end this---LOL!!


Weird....changed to a new cable modem today and about 4 sites I can't connect to......

LOL...one is my Internet provider,COX. Of all my links there are four on this computer which won't connect--this comp is connected with a Ethernet cable. If I use a laptop (wireless) I can connect to them. Any networking peeps ever experienced this??

Using Win10 64 and Firefox,linksys router.

I've tried shutting off ad blocker,cleared out cookies and log ins...blah,blah. Beats me,I've replaced modems before and never had this happen.

Credit card interest going through the roof........

I have a Chase card that I've had for years,actually had a 0% rate on it when I first got it which I think was back in about 2012,I've had it a long time. I had balances,I've had zero balances over the years but it's now going to 16.99% at the start of 2019. That's about a 3% hike in one year and I have really good credit.

I have a balance to pay off but luckily peeps can "opt out" of this increase by calling them up and killing the card. Pay the remaining balance at the rate you now have but you can't charge on it. Works for me.

Thanks Trump,I've never seen interest rate increases like these for decades. If he works real hard maybe he can get us back to the 16% mortgage rates,18% on new vehicles like Saint Ronnie did and then yet ANOTHER Republican meltdown.
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