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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,434

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Trump has a short list of 12 that did the dirty deed.......

LOL...Here's one time when I condone torture!!! Get em in there Trump and use all those torture methods that Republicans say is ok to use on "certain" people to get the truth out of em!!!

We are only $85B from adding a fresh ONE TRILLION to the ND since Jan 1st.

While everyone gets sidetracked at Trump and his new idiot Tweet each day that ass is piling up debt like crazy. It sure wasn't from inheriting a Bush economy,it's from ridiculous tax cuts for the uber RICH and Corporations.

Now his pissing match trade war is going to kick in. Remember when he bashed Obama endlessly about the debt? Remember how he told anyone STUPID enough to vote for him how he was going to cut it in half in two years?

James Thompson who is running against US House member and Koch puppet Ron Estes in Kansas...

Will be on a Young Turks segment in the coming days. He went to LA this morning to do the interview. We have a real shot with Thompson at dumping a lemming,rubber stamp Republican in November.


Bought some tech stuff on A this morning and POOF...welcome to PRIME!!

BS...I never signed up or clicked on anything other than the purchase button. I've had prime before--when it was 75.00 and had it for a couple of years. I've already cancelled but lets see if they keep the "trial" going.

Watch what you click on over there.....

Trumps buddy and racist KKKobach costs small cities a bundle while he cashes in and moves on..

One the most sickening humans still walking the Earth. Hopefully Republicans in Kansas will primary this POS running for Governor in six days and we can throw his name on the growing trash heap of other flaming,hate filled,racist,money grubbing Republicans.


Getting ready for the Trump visit in London. Bawhahhahaaaaaaaa!!!

Hell,I'd make it larger. I have a daughter that lives there,those people KNOW how to protest and will come out in droves when this ass hat shows up.


Shitler hasn't Tweeted for 15 hrs from what I can find....new record

That asshat KNOWS he's a part of what happened yesterday. Keeping his radical base ginned up on HATE for the media--unless they KISS HIS ASS and certain people in our society.


Gawd...another Republican NUT JOB running.........

GOP congressional candidate: Diversity is 'a bunch of crap and un-American'

"You know, women, African American, Hispanic; they're chopping us up in these different pieces and getting us fighting against each other instead of spending our time saying everybody should be judged by their own talent," Grossman said.


Throw SNAP people under the bus so billionaires can get farm subsidies....

I'm shocked.....NOT.

Provisions inside the delayed House farm bill would roll back restrictions on the wealthy obtaining federal farm subsidies, as well as allow extended family members to receive lucrative payments.
The language has generated opposition both from fiscal conservatives who say the payments amount to welfare for wealthy people and critics who note that the same bill proposes new work requirements for participants in the federal food stamp program, SNAP.
Up to 2 million SNAP recipients could lose or have their benefits slashed under the proposed rule changes, according to the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Missouri, who has received at least $986,789 dollars in federal farm subsidies, lauded the SNAP work requirements, saying the change "helps recipients break the cycle of poverty by Improving work opportunities for able-bodied adults receiving federal nutrition assistance."


NASA video of the Sun

Cool,scary and freaky all at the same time. I have a 43 inch monitor,even better on the big screen.


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