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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,464

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DOW TANKING again today,down 162...

Drumph better get his billionaire boys club to start buying up something,anything. They can DUMP it a few days from now but ANYTHING to prop up that FAKE Trump rally.

Funny how the CONS are always saying to NEVER raise ANY tax on a Corporation...

they'll just pass it on to us. Let's see what those idiots are saying NOW. And as usual this tax won't hurt people in Cheeto and Limbaugh's tax bracket.

Grant County Nebraska....whoa

"The black bomb" is how one rancher describes Trump's predecessor. "This guy came out of the sewers of Chicago. How could he be good?" The rancher's not about to give his name to someone with the "Clinton News Network" -- what he calls CNN -- but he and his friends are happy to rail against the former administration. Obamacare is right up there on the list of things gone wrong, they say.


The all hate Obama and Obama care but their on it only because they have to be. Well hey rednecks,Trump and his minions will take care of that little problem for you,then you can have NONE. That's better.....right?!?!?


Yep...Trump had to can Obama's cut to the mortgage insurance rate just becuse....

The article acts like Obama should have gotten APPROVAL to help out people struggling to get a home loan because Trump would be Pres by Jan 27th. Oh yeah I forgot. You DO need their approval to help anyone who isn't in their "club". Childish,pathetic shit but it HURTS his base just like it does ours and their tweets BITCHING about it have already shown up on are you sorry yet.com. Tough crapola you tweeters,you VOTED for this POS.


How long until only certain members of Congress speak to Drumph by

only looking at him on a big screen like the character Chancellor Adam Sutler??

V for Vendetta

Trump and GOP tax em..."reform" Same ole' tinkle down...

Trump is going to eliminate the 10% and 15% brackets for a 12% bracket--the next one is 25% So...if you hit that new "donut hole" where you make too much for the 12% you just got served up a TEN PERCENT tax hike from Trump and the GOP. Look what he's doing for single women with children.

Wow,look at those tax savings for those making up to 24,800. Amounts to about a buck or two bucks per week depending one which plan they go with--Trump or GOP. By my figures Limbaugh should save about $52,000 per week. When Saint Ronnie pulled this EXACT same shit we had over ten million laid off in the next year two as the economy ground to a halt. I almost lost a home over it.


Man...I love this web site. It can make you laugh so hard you hurt!!

All Trump buyer remorse. http://www.areyousorryyet.com/

Here's one:

She somehow thought that Trump was going to help the less fortunate?? Meaning...HERSELF?? Awwww...

Aw...Trump not polling well in Antartica!

Maybe it's that pesky climate change thing Trump,you know...the link you DELETED from the WH web site page.

Hey Drumph....CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday

Wonder if Melania snuck out the back door to march??

Something going on,no big twitter fest by Herr Drumph so far.

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