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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Seven Chicago cops yanked off the streets for trumped up drug arrests....

15 men exonerated of phony drug crimes. Now WHY to NFL players take a knee Trump??

"I started to look into it, and what we slowly realized this was ongoing, systemic, day-to-day corruption by not just Sgt. Watts and not just by his federally convicted co-defendant, Officer Kallatt Mohammed, but by a whole crew of officers that went on with impunity for over a decade on the south side Chicago housing projects."
Baker was freed last year after nearly 10 years in prison when the state's attorney dropped drug charges that Baker claimed were concocted by Watts and his crew"


Re-enrolled on the Marketplace yesterday........

The subsidies are still there for help but the Silver plan I had with BCBS is gone along with a $300 per month premium increase. The plan I'll have until August when I go on Medicare (if Trump hasn't thrown it in the dumpster) is a joke. It's really covers little with a deductible over $6,000. Basically catastrophic coverage and little else.

The plan I had last year--a Silver plan had a deduction of $500 and covered doctor and specialists visits with a small co-pay. To get a similar plan you'd have to go Gold and pay about $350 per month--and that's with subsidies. Last year before Trump started jacking with the ACA and scaring Insurers that plan was about $800+ per month,now $1136.00.
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