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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,409

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Credit card interest going through the roof........

I have a Chase card that I've had for years,actually had a 0% rate on it when I first got it which I think was back in about 2012,I've had it a long time. I had balances,I've had zero balances over the years but it's now going to 16.99% at the start of 2019. That's about a 3% hike in one year and I have really good credit.

I have a balance to pay off but luckily peeps can "opt out" of this increase by calling them up and killing the card. Pay the remaining balance at the rate you now have but you can't charge on it. Works for me.

Thanks Trump,I've never seen interest rate increases like these for decades. If he works real hard maybe he can get us back to the 16% mortgage rates,18% on new vehicles like Saint Ronnie did and then yet ANOTHER Republican meltdown.

Always something good on Twitter.........


Anti-abortion nut job Shelly Shannon released from prision

She tried to kill Dr. Tiller herself in a failed attempt that wounded him.

"News of Shannon’s release has clinic operators on edge. In addition to showing no remorse for her actions, they say, Shannon has been visited in prison by several activists who believe that killing abortion doctors is an act of justifiable homicide. Clinic supporters also note that Tiller, a regular target of abortion protesters because he was one of a handful of doctors in the country who performed late-term abortions, was shot to death in 2009 by Kansas City-area anti-abortion extremist Scott Roeder, who had admired Shannon and visited her many times in prison."


Always something good on Twitter.........

Hey Mike Lindell...take YOUR pillow and SHOVE IT up your.........

"I just believed in Donald Trump so much after that meeting with him ... He has a heart that cares. And maybe people don't see that out there when he's on TV and stuff, because he's such a fighter and wants to win and wants to help this country so bad and help people," Lindell said.

Lindell endorsed Trump, appearing in the "spin room" at two general election debates and speaking at a Minnesota rally days before the election. He's been an invited guest to multiple White House events since Trump took office and spent time with Trump at Mar-a-Lago during Easter weekend when he was a guest of another club member.

Yeah he cares,about millionaires LIKE Lindell,everyone else,not at all. If he thinks Trump has a heart that cares then he's STILL on crack.


Always something good on Twitter.........

One TRILLION $$$ added to the ND since Jan 1st...........

By a clown who claimed he would halve that debt in his first two years. Trust me the next TRILLION won't take 8 months and 18 days.


Trump has a short list of 12 that did the dirty deed.......

LOL...Here's one time when I condone torture!!! Get em in there Trump and use all those torture methods that Republicans say is ok to use on "certain" people to get the truth out of em!!!

We are only $85B from adding a fresh ONE TRILLION to the ND since Jan 1st.

While everyone gets sidetracked at Trump and his new idiot Tweet each day that ass is piling up debt like crazy. It sure wasn't from inheriting a Bush economy,it's from ridiculous tax cuts for the uber RICH and Corporations.

Now his pissing match trade war is going to kick in. Remember when he bashed Obama endlessly about the debt? Remember how he told anyone STUPID enough to vote for him how he was going to cut it in half in two years?

James Thompson who is running against US House member and Koch puppet Ron Estes in Kansas...

Will be on a Young Turks segment in the coming days. He went to LA this morning to do the interview. We have a real shot with Thompson at dumping a lemming,rubber stamp Republican in November.

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