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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,438

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Anyone watch Pluto TV though your ROKU box? It no longer works

I still get the app on ROKU--and it's got a new look to it but nothing happens.Wonder it their updating the platform?

If the DOW tanks another 1000 points on Monday....

All the gains from 2019 will also be wiped out. But...I see the JACKASS in Chief is going on TV in about an hour to no doubt try and walk back his Corona virus HOAX statement from his rally in SC.

No doubt his campaign handlers told his azzzz to get in front of a camera ASAP to try and roll back that BS statement. Otherwise he'd be out golfing.

Way to calm down Wall St Trump...DOWN 771 points right now

These will easily be ANOTHER 1,000 point daily drop. Down over 3,000 points in 15 days.

DOW down 830 points at the opening

That's after dropping 400+ points last week. Damn Trump,Wall St loves ya. But hey when it "warms up" the Coronavirus will disappear according to Agent Orange.

So Warren is all in on harassment?

Making a speech which is now on CNN about Bloomberg's height. Define harassment Liz.

She just won't give it up when it comes to Bloomberg.


So...if Dems want to speak for an hour on NATIONAL TV about Trumps

bullshit braggart speech going on right now suppose they'd get air time?? FUCK NO they wouldn't. Hell if you don't have cable you about have to pull teeth to try and find a way to stream one of the Democratic debates,yet they have NO PROBLEM show every Nazi rally that Trump holds. Then....Trump points out at them and calls them the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

The DNC should contact them for THEIR rebuttal to this BULLSHIT.

It was 27 years ago today Pres Clinton signs the Family Leave Act

So Trump STOP trying to act like you OWN it. STOP trying to act like you OWN other bills signed by President Obama. He refusal to shake the hand of the Speaker of the House at the SOTU address was disgusting to say the least.


If you set a record HIGH temp on Super Bowl Sunday-or got close sign in.....

New record of 74 degrees here in Wichita which erases a high from 96 years ago. Usually on SBS you can't keep enough wood on the fire. Today,setting out on the deck in shorts downing a few cold ones.
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