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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,438

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Workers at Spirit in Wichita told to return 48 hours later to work on grounded 737 MAX aircraft

I guess after their BS We care about the Covid-19 crisis and the safety of our employees blah,blah,blah statement had been put out for all to see. Return to work only to vacuum out setting and non-deliverable 737 MAX aircraft. The 1920's all over again.


Every time I go the store I want to kick a horders ASS

Same thing yesterday,no toilet paper on a 50 foot long isle with several shelves. No napkins or any paper products,just a few paper plates stacked up. Looks like NOW Walmart is getting tough and telling them only one roll. Should have done that weeks ago. Lady at the counter said peeps are lining up before the 7:30am opening and cleaning the re-stocked shelf out in just minutes. Noticed a couple of security guys in the store yesterday.

Bread isle was sparse but there was bread to be had--limit of one loaf.

This morning on Twitter




On Twitter.....ROFLOL


Man...if this elective surgery ban ramps up even more

Does that include Republican's wives and girlfriends that are 20 years younger going to get their boob job?? Might be yet another tragedy of the pandemic.

Forty percent increase in CV cases in the last 24 hrs in the US


Trump calling himself a "War time President" Hmmm....

Where have I heard that before?

"I view it -- in a sense as a wartime president," Trump said after announcing he was invoking the Defense Production Act, which was established in 1950 in response to production needs during the Korean War.

I'd forgot about getting a Guberment check in 2001


But I can't remember one in 2008. In 2001 ( I think it was about $600.00) I bought a new 32" TV, nope not a flat screen and my first DVD player for movies. Safe to say I was giving away my VHS movies to Goodwill within a couple of weeks.

But 2008,I don't remember a getting a check.

Any Kansas people,simple way to make sure your on the rolls or sign up

There it is and very simple to make sure your registered plus info on your voting back to 1996. August 4th primary


DOW now walked back to 2/6/17

Almost all gains after Trump took office are GONE in a mere 10-12 trading days.
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