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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,350

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These are the guys getting 41 month sentences!?! New Jan 6th video


DeathSantis wants to start his own Gestapo

I don't care how that POS spins it,it's exactly what it will become.

St, Petersburg, Florida (CNN)Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to reestablish a World War II-era civilian military force that he, not the Pentagon, would control.


Tucker Carlson film crew embedded in the Rittenhouse defense team

Tucker Carlson wanted and got this. Meanwhile the Judge refused to even let MSNBC in the building let alone outside the Court room.


More have died from Covid in Kansas this June than June 2020

63 vs 60 and we still have seven days to go.

Total insanity.........

27 DEAD in Kansas from Covid since June 1st

Trump humpers,QassAnon idiots or religious fanatics who the hell knows. My wife and I got our first shot when available for those 65+ on March 10th. Back for the second shot on April 1st. On that date the vaccine was opened to everyone down to 15-16 or whatever.

Yet two months later these idiots are willing to die for what? Show Biden who's boss,kissing Trumps ass even though he was vaccinated in January or Jesus will protect me??

CNN been hacked? Click on the article about Tucker Carlson and Chauvin

What happens when you click on it?

Bernie Madoff dead...

Tough shit Bernie............


Any Ravens fans around today?

I live in Wichita so of course Mahomes and the Chiefs are my team but damn....I love watching Lamar Jackson. That running game of his is better than many tight ends (maybe even wide receivers) and he's fearless. Hope he stays safe and doesn't get hurt on one of those runs. Don't know it I ever seen him slide on a run.

Any DU'ers that use Think or Swim with TD Ameritrade?

If so does the web version of that platform load up for you? Mine hasn't worked since after the markets closed on Thursday. I click on the link and that takes me to the log-in which goes fine and then all I get is the black screen with the three alternating bars in the top middle. They just keep going and the platform never loads.

I've cleared caches,deleted cookies blah blah but no joy.

I can download and fire up the desktop version with no problem although I never cared for that version--too busy for me. I haven't tried on my Ipad but I might give that a shot.
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