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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,110

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Hey Republicans, if for some reason you can't see impeaching him for what he did,...

impeach him for what he didn't do! He didn't call the National Guard right away. That was a lie. He didn't act to protect his own capitol building from a mob! He friggin' watched it on TV, and allegedly tweeted about Pence during the melee.

Watching the impeachment hearing, wishing I could ask republicans a question

What the hell does the civil unrest incited over George Floyd being murdered on video by a police officer have to do with Trump inciting an insurrection? They are two separate things!

Just saw that Boebert from Colorado give her speech during the impeachment hearing

Why hasn't she been arrested for her part in the insurrection? I've seen her in pictures with participants prior to the riot? I've heard she tweeted the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi during the riot?

edited to be fair to Boebert's age

WTF is wrong with this country

Just one week ago a planned insurrection encouraged by a sitting president took place in our Nation's Capitol, and all the dumb shits on talk radio can do is complain about not being able to post their seditious hate crap on social media!

Well guess what seditionists, if you're going to use your lines of communication for war, don't be surprised if your lines of communication become a fair target.

Just needed to rant.

This is a must read

Goes into how the Capitol was left defenseless from the mob.



I thought I heard Trump is giving Jim Jordan the idiot representative from Ohio a Medal Of Freedom. Isn't that reserved for people that help humanity? What the hell did Jordon do? Or, is there another Jim Jordan that did something to deserve such an honor and it's just a mix up, like the 4 Seasons thing?

Every time I need a laugh during these trying times...

all I have to do is think of how these idiots that stormed the Capitol all recorded themselves breaking the law. They literally provided the police with all the evidence they will need to go after the morons for months.

Have you ever known a former union member living on a good union pension that is anti-union?

Such people do exist. I know several. There is nothing that says "first world problems" more than someone who has a good life and retirement going, yet complains about unions, especially when it was a union that helped them get what they currently have.

I'm to the point where I don't even try to reason with such people. I avoided a lot of discussions this Holiday Season.
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