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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,119

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Question about right wing misinformation...

I keep hearing right- wingers complaining that their posts are getting censored on facebook. Isn't it just that facebook is tagging the certain posts so as to warn against "possibly misleading" material? That's not censorship in my book, it's warning people that there is a lot of BS out there and to beware.

Voter fraud claim in Pennsylvania gets recanted

It's funny how stories change once a person is under oath.

"A postal worker whose allegations of ballot tampering are the basis of Republican calls for investigations has reportedly recanted his story.

Democrats on the House oversight committee said that Richard Hopkins – the worker who claimed in a signed affidavit that a supervisor at the US Postal Service (USPS) in Erie, Pennsylvania, instructed staff to tamper with ballots by backdating ones that arrived late – had recanted the allegations in an interview with investigators for the USPS inspector general.

Investigators told the committee that Hopkins “did not explain why he signed a false affidavit”, the committee wrote in a statement."


Right on que (or should I say "Q")

The right- wing- o- sphere is running full throttle with conspiracy theories about the election. I heard a few doozies this morning on my local station. Right now Limbaugh is giving a platform to any idiot calling into his show. The sooner this election is called the better, but it's going to be awhile before the crazies think it's over.

Question about the blue lives matter law enforcement flag

If you don't what it looks like please google it. It is basically the American flag with the colors changed. The first time I saw one I thought I was going color blind.

My question: how is it not defacing the actual American Flag when you take the American flag and totally change its colors?

Just asking...

MAGA - Mindless, Assholes, Getting, Aggressive

I hate to say this, and please don't think I'm a whimp...but

Just before sundown on Tuesday I'm taking down all political signs from my yard. Normally I would leave them up for a few days after an election, but this time is different. The difference is we literally have a president who supports intimidation against those that don't support him. Look at what he tweeted about that caravan of yahoos in Texas harassing the Biden bus. As long as he refuses to denounce such awful behavior I don't feel safe.

It's almost certain to take awhile to count all the votes this time around, and Trump has made statements designed to get his followers impatient for results. The more impatient they get, the more trouble I fear from these idiots. I've had several Biden signs stolen from my yard already, which means that someone has been brazen enough come into my yard. It is literally the first time ever in my life that I have had someone trespass onto my property to steal a political sign.

There is a large pickup truck with Trump flags that goes up my street every now and then, and I just don't trust whomever is driving the damn thing. I have voted for, and shown my support for Biden, but when the vote count starts I just don't want to make myself a target.
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