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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Why don't Trump or the Republicans ever want to know why Flynn lied?

Seems like a good question, right? You would think a president and his political party would want to know why the National Security Adviser would lie about things that were supposedly legal. But not Trump or most Republicans. They are totally alright with not knowing the answer to this question.

I heard somewhere that it's often what the guilty are not interested in that shows what they know. Could it be that Trump knows exactly why Flynn lied, and that's why it doesn't interest him? As to his party, are they afraid the answer is simply one they don't want to hear?

All the recent news about Harvey Weinstein made me think of something:

Whatever happened to all the woman that accused Trump of improper sexual contact? About this time last year there were quite a few of them, but we don't hear anything about them now.

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I Kept My Doctor And My Plan

That's because I actually had insurance through my employer. It is good insurance, real coverage, not some catastrophic get- you- through- the- door- of- the- hospital plan, designed to take my premiums until they find a way to drop me. When Obama said "keep your plan" he was talking about real coverage, not any old plan out there. The ACA had certain standards, and yes, certain "plans" designed to rip people off didn't qualify.

I get sick of the right wing practice of saying Obama lied about "keeping your plan". People that actually had insurance worth having did keep their plans. Please tell that to your right wing friends if you still have any.

If we didn't have any attacks while Trump's "travel" ban was on hold,

can he take credit for it keeping us safe if no attacks occur when it's in place? Just asking.

Certain questions get answered by not being answered, don't they?

When Sessions was asked whether the Russian investigation was ever brought up during his discussions with Trump about firing Comey, Sessions said he couldn't answer. Sessions has been a lawyer long enough to know how to hide the truth without perjuring himself.

Sounds to me like Pence has been on an "apology tour" on behalf of Donald Drumpf.

When the vice president has to go to Europe and explain away their fears about Trump things are not good.


I have a question maybe someone could help me with.

In his presser today Trump defended Flynn saying(of Flynn) he was "just doing his job" (speaking of Flynn's contact with a Russian ambassador shortly after Obama put sanctions on Russia). What job was he doing? Trump needs to be nailed down on this. Back in December of 2016, the time of this controversial contact, Flynn would not yet have been the National Security Adviser. He would have just been working for the Trump campaign and not part of the government. What job did he have as a Trump campaign worker that would have involved talking to a Russian ambassador?
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