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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Wasn't funding for "the wall" settled already?

Why the hell does funding a wall now come up as a condition for DACA?
Trump campaigned saying Mexico was paying for the wall. His followers ate it up. The shyster in chief needs to be reminded of one of his biggest campaign promises.

The company I work for (not Walmart) just jumped on the "instant trickle down" band wagon.

We had a special meeting at work this morning where the supervisor read a memo praising Trump and his tax cuts. We were told we would all be getting a $1000.00 bonus for 2018.

"Well, by golly gee!" I said to myself. That old trickle stuff really works, and instantly too! Keep in mind this is a company that fought hard to create a two tier pay rate where new employees will never make more than their older coworkers.

Before the meeting was over, I did some quick math and realized the bonus falls way short of making up for the money they took from the new employees. The bonus amounts to about $20.00 extra a week per employee, fine and dandy. But, they took away $160.00 per week from the new employees with the two tier pay rate. Stupid me, I mentioned it. Now I'm labeled as the big ingrate, the cynic that doesn't appreciate all the hard work Trump and my company has done for me.

Am I wrong for thinking that there just might be some politics behind this whole "instant trickle down" phenomenon that's been going around? Or, am I just a cynical ingrate?

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