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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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I can't wait to hear it...

the people who are always telling us government can't run things claiming that they can do a great job running toddler detention centers.

What happens with all the crimes Kim Jong-Un is said to have committed against his people?

I'm just wondering, because Trump seems to be pitching him the idea that if he puts down his nukes and opens up his nation to the world all will be wonderful condos on the beaches, that all will be forgiven and there will ground breaking technological advances to enjoy. (Have you seen Trump's film he made for Kim?) But, has not Kim Jong-un committed horrendous crimes against humanity? Will he ever have to pay for those crimes, or will he somehow get a pass? And, who will give him such a pass?

I'm not against reaching out for peace, but dictators are often the types of leaders that need to hold power out of sheer survival. They have done too much against too many to be safe in letting down their guard. To a man like Kim Jong-Un holding absolute power means not having to pay for crimes committed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see leaders working toward peace, but I think there are certain realities we must consider. Karma can be a bitch for dictators, and Trump won't be able to use his pardon power for Kim Jong-Un.

Does anyone else have a problem with Jordan Peterson's arguments about oppression?

I'm no scholar, but I tend to hear a lot of flaws in Peterson's arguments. For example: listen to this interview with Peterson and ask how he might square his statements with a country like Saudi Arabia where women have been openly oppressed, and just now have the chance to have a drivers' license? Peterson really seems to lose it at about the 6:50 timestamp. To me it almost sounds like he gets very nervous at the questioning.

Like I said, I'm no scholar, but I think Peterson is a bit of a lightweight.

Here is the Senator Merkley video

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