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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Just more proof that Trump is a rotten, incompetent president

We all know Trump has to be lying when he says he did not know Paranas. Certainly by the time those two had taken so many pictures together Trump would have at least been introduced. But, even though he's most likely lying, let's pretend to take Trump at his word.

That would mean:

At a luncheon full of big money donors, some guy Trump didn't even know told him he needed to get rid of the US ambassador to Ukraine. With only hearsay from a guy he didn't know, Trump immediately decides to fire the ambassador (who he shamefully doesn't know) and wants her gone the next day.

You can hear this and many other things that show Trump as an incompetent president willing to be brown- nosed by donors on the now famous Parnas video.

Key board alert! You will hear things on this video that will make you want to vomit.

The cognitive dissonance of the Trump defense

The Trump defense team would have us believe that Trump had some "legitimate" reason for asking another country's leader to open an investigation into corruption. But, how many "legitimate" requests to investigate corruption involve bribing a country's leader by withholding approved aid to said country? That's where the idea of a "legitimate" request doesn't fit with what the Trump defense must admit took place. Where does a "legitimate" request end, and a shake down begin?

Senators basically advised to shut up and just accept any decisions when it comes to military action

This has probably been posted somewhere here already, but I'm posting it now just to make sure. Be sure to listen past the part where he kisses up to Trump. He's a republican and has to do that.

Something doesn't smell right

We are to believe that Iran posed a huge imminent threat, but yet the Iranian response to the assassination of their top general was to fire some rockets that didn't really hit anything?

All of a sudden in Trump's eyes we're even; and he doesn't have to respond. How convenient for Trump that he doesn't have to lose face by not responding after all his bluster. Yep, all good.

Call me a skeptic, but I'm wondering how much of a threat we were actually under to begin with. Certainly all of Iran's "evil" didn't exist in just one individual general.

Does anyone else think there's something suspicious about the way it's all supposedly "well" now?

Did Iran actually take credit for last night's attack that didn't do anything?
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