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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
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My prediction on Trump's bigly book health care plan

Obviously now that a big book has been handed to Leslie Stahl as a prop, Trump will try to claim he has made public a health care plan. The narrative will soon be that the media is hiding his plan. Poor baby Trump will claim that he tried to put out his plan but the bad evil media suppressed it. He will use this narrative anytime he is asked about his plan.

It's sad when old friends become Trump cult members

I'm not just talking about people that want to vote for Trump. I understand politics and how it makes people tribal. I'm talking about people that believe crazy stuff, like Trump is actually some God given savior to the world. Americans aren't supposed to be cult followers to any president. These times are strange and sad times.

Question on this Hunter Biden laptop distraction?

The right wing- media and the Trump supporters in general keep harping on the idea that Hunter Biden was selling access to his father's influence as Vice President, but I never hear them point to any actions or policy taken by then Vice President Biden that would indicate he had been influenced.

Has anyone heard of any policy shift or any action taken by Vice President Biden to indicate or give the impression he had been influenced? I have heard nothing.

If they can't claim the Vice President ever did anything for the so-called influence, how can they say there was influence?

For contrast, in 2016 Trump gave the distinct impression that he was doing Russia a favor by wanting his party's platform concerning U.S. assistance to Ukraine changed. This was seen by many as a way of rewarding Russia. Those thinking so had a good point. To my knowledge nothing like this policy change of the republican platform exists in the allegations being leveled at the Bidens.


Hey Trump, what's your health care plan you keep promising?

Trump's answer, paraphrased and boiled down from the actual word salad he uses:

"I got rid of the mandate and we're going to have great health care, better than Obama."

But how are you going to do that?

"By having great health care, better than Obama."

My wife and I voted early yesterday and I liked what I saw

Of the vehicles in the parking that had political bumper stickers, they were all for Biden, not one Trump supporting vehicle in the lot. I counted about 10 stickers for Biden/Harris! It was good to see.

I'm sick of hearing that Obama's economy recovered too slow

The economy recovered under Obama, period. It was a mess when he came into office, and Obama oversaw its recovery. That is a fact. It is a fact his detractors can't dispute, so instead they complain that the recovery didn't happen fast enough for their liking. Well, too bad children. Sorry to all the Obama haters that didn't get their lollipop sooner.

Sometimes things are so messed up it takes awhile to fix them. Plus, steady strong growth is always better than the kind of fast reckless growth that causes economic bubbles and deficits. We've heard your childish complaint, and now it's time to STFU. Trump supporters just need to be glad Obama passed on a growing economy for Trump to pretend to take credit for.

Just needed to rant about something I've heard echoed a little too much lately.

Who OKed that stupid drive by with Trump?

Certainly the moron in chief can't just order such a thing!!!!!

I wonder if we'll ever hear the words "under control" from him again

Most people in his situation would reflect on what they have said and done, but something tells me Trump is incapable of learning from his mistakes. We shall see.
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