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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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How much you want to bet...

Many of those clambering to "open" their states will act like they meant something totally different if things go bad and the infection numbers go up?

Trump's still resting on his China travel ban that didn't stop travel

Poetic Justice is good

I'm still impressed with the voters of Wisconsin! The vote suppressing republicans got what they deserved.

The republicans showed their true colors by literally endangering people's lives in their effort to suppress the vote, and it was obvious. How it backfired on them is a thing of beauty.

Their biggest mistake was to piss off a ton of voters with time to vote. It never dawned on them that people being off work would have more time to actually get to the polls and stand in line. Oops...the republican worst nightmare...a large voter turnout.

Thank you Wisconsin! You give us hope!

There was a jerk approaching and making fun of mask wearers in the grocery store today

Yep, a full grown idiot was being a total jerk at my local Kroger today. He approached and made snide remarks to myself and at least 3 other people that I witnessed. He asked me "what are you afraid of, this isn't New York". I wasn't quick enough for a good come back, but one lady told him "no, but is America so mind your own business". I've always hated assholes, but I especially hate empowered assholes!

The payroll tax funds Social Security Idiot

Trump says he doesn't know why we shouldn't get rid of the payroll tax.

Trump just got challenged on the fact that he votes in Florida by mail

Apparently it's OK for him but no one else.

Trump had a hard time saying the word "selflessness"

He seemed to almost choke on it. I find that telling.

A surefire way to end Trump's BS at these daily virus pressers

Edited for grammar mistake

1 Direct all questions to the experts in the room and treat Trump like he's not even there. When Trump opens it up for questions and points to a reporter, that reporter should bypass Trump and say "Dr Fauci, I have a question for you...".

2 If Trump jumps in and tries to answer instead, repeat "I want to hear that from the doctor". Make it obvious that the press is there to hear only from experts and not the man child.

3 If there is a question about policy ask Pence directly instead of Trump. He's supposed to be running this anyway.

4 If Trump insists that questions go through him, don't raise hands

5 If Trump shuts it down because he can't run the show, so be it. It'll look bad on him. What's he going to do, have a fit that nobody's paying attention to him?

Asking Trump questions gets nothing done anyway. He either gives some gas lighting non- answer, or he starts a fight. The rest of the time he's congratulating himself.

Trump loves to be contentious with the press. It's red meat to his base and it feeds his fragile ego. It's all shtick, a big performance like the smack talk they do in big time wrestling. Take it away from him.

If anyone here knows anyone in the press please suggest this to them, maybe they'll consider it.


America is not the same anymore

Warn your shipmates about a virus and you're called stupid. Raise a concern about hospital supplies and you're belittled. Protect a whistle blower and you get fired.

Trump's bullshit about the military being out of ammunition

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