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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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I remember my parents telling me that during WW2 there was rationing of certain items

Did that generation have protesters all pissed off because they were asked to ration? Were there morons complaining that their rights were being trampled because they weren't allowed to practice non-rationing? Just wondering.

The first time Trump does anything resembling leading by example he takes an unproven drug

No mask, just an unproven drug. What a sorry ass loser.

Please help me remember something. I'm having a hard time finding it again with google.

Remember back awhile ago when Trump was accused of trying to get messages to Flynn after Flynn agreed to cooperate with Mueller's investigation? The messages were things about how much Trump liked Flynn and how he needed to remember that. They were borderline threatening if I remember correctly. There was a certain person involved and I can't remember. What do I need to look up to find that information again? Who were the persons involved? What key words should I search? It's like a blurred memory, but I remember it happening.


When Flynn plead guilty, how much got hidden under the rug?

It always seemed strange to me how Flynn was accused of lying to Pence, and how it took quite awhile before Trump did anything about it. Then, after Trump fired Flynn (it was like a week later) he kept talking about how much of a good guy Flynn was.

For example- did Pence know something he(Pence) was lying about and it was better to have Flynn be the liar instead of Pence?

That was always strange to me how that whole thing went down. What did I miss?

Doesn't a "perjury trap" need an actual lie to work?

I may not understand everything at all times, but I'm pretty sure the telling of a falsehood is the responsibility of the person telling the falsehood and not the person hearing it.

As I understand it, this whole "Flynn was entrapped" thing is based on discussions between FBI agents talking about getting Flynn to lie. Well, isn't that what law enforcement does all the time, try to get people to contradict themselves and find out where their stories fall apart? If a lie is told, even under casual questioning, is it not grounds to probe further? Why wouldn't the FBI talk about getting him to lie?

What am I missing?
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