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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
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Once again, Trump never actually denounced white supremacists

He was asked directly if he would, but didn't actually do it.

If there is a media that is the enemy of the people, it is right- wing radio.

I listened to some right- wing radio today, specifically Glenn Beck. These people are pure evil in what they are doing. Beck isn't the only one, I've noticed it on other hate radio shows as well. They have a common theme going. They talk about a civil war as if it's a given. Of course in these idiot's minds it's all going to be started by the "Left", not militias that have been dreaming of war, not the Boogaloos that exist for civil war and are all prepped and ready, not the racist cops that sit on people's necks. No, according to these morons it's going to be started by "Antifa", a catchall word they use for legitimate protesters and looters alike.

I'm sick of the way Americans are being brainwashed by this evil.

Trump just said we would develop a "herd mentality"

Knowing Trump lied makes his treatment of the governors even more egregious

Trump knew how bad the disease really was, but instead of helping the governors of America, he encouraged protests at their statehouses by anti-maskers. It would have been one thing if Trump actually believed what he was telling the American people- that the virus was like the flu; but the asshole knew otherwise!

This has pissed be off more than anything else in the long list of things Trump has done to his own country.

Hurry, hurry, hurry this offer won't last lost long, we hope!

Yes, it's true at Trump's Kenosha round table he used the lame old "a few bad apples" approach to the shooting of Jacob Blake. And yes, he foolishly claimed the "system" would handle the "bad apples" on its own. But don't worry! Just because he doesn't intend on solving anything, it doesn't mean he hasn't got a plan! Yes loyal cult members Trump, the self-proclaimed "law and order" president, does have a plan! And, as usual, it's all about himself! It's his latest deal that only a libtard would call a scam!

Here's how it works:

If your town's police department suddenly finds itself featured in a nasty police shooting video showing brutality, Do Not Worry. Just call on Trump! He'll swoop in with federal troops to make the consequences go away. None of those nasty protesters or rioters.

But, hurry this is a limited time offer!

Take advantage of Trump's plan now! If you don't he'll make sure not to discourage his crazy supporters from bringing guns to your town and making your problems worse.

Posting this so it is not forgotten. Video has police info on Umbrella Guy

What am I getting wrong here?

Trump had a round table where he praised the police department of Kenosha.

This is a police department that an officer start civil unrest by shooting a guy 7 times in the back.

This is the same police department that allowed a 17 year old minor, too young to be legally carrying an AR rifle, to walk around during a protest.

This same police department had every reason to enforce the curfew with this kid, but never did. Instead, the police gave water and encouragement to the kid.

Because this police department didn't take steps to keep this kid from walking around with a gun, more people eventually got shot.

This police department screwed up and then kept screwing up, yet they are being honored with a visit from the president.

If Trump was really trying to protect people and prevent riots he should be talking about police reform and pointing out the mistakes this police department made that added to the problem. This is one crazy world.

Didn't hear much on the idea of police reform at Trump round table in Kenosha

Oh well...
Hopefully history won't keep repeating itself.
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