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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,992

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I hear Trump wants a full investigation into Ashli Babbitt's death

Great, we can start by getting to the bottom of everything that happened that day, including Trump's communications. Enforce all subpoenas! We need to know everything that led up to her death.

Can former guys under investigation for criminal activity run for president in this country?

I'm just curious when it comes to how much a person charged with crimes gets to be taken seriously when it comes to the highest office in the land.

Facebook isn't the only platform that helps to spread misinformation and hate

Right- wing radio has been misinforming and spreading hate for years. It's only natural that it would end up on facebook too.

Question about the infrastructure spending proposal

I'm no financial expert, but isn't the type of spending proposed money that will go directly to the people of the United States? In other words, it's designed to go directly into the economy, right?

As I said, I'm no expert, but it seems to me that unless somebody grabs it all and takes it out of circulation, it will serve to boost the economy.

What's going on with the investigation into January 6th?

Everything I'm finding dates back to the end of August when communication companies were asked to preserve records and McCarthy illegally threatened said companies.

What the hell?

I see they are going after Milley for putting China at ease that Cheeto was only blustering

edited to correct spelling

Don't let the "Big lie" supporters claim the Democrats did the same thing in 2016

Big lie supporters like to claim what they are doing is no different than what Democrats did in 2016.

In 2016, Democrats rightfully pointed out there was evidence of Russian interference and other violations: Manafort, Flynn, Wiki Leaks, a meeting at Trump Tower over "adoptions", Russia finding e-mails, announcements of investigations into Hillary's laptop, Carter Page, strange utterances from Rudy Giuliani etc. It was never about the actual ballot counting.

Democrats never said the 2016 election was rigged in the way the election was conducted, or how the votes were counted. Our democracy itself was not in doubt.

On the other hand, Republicans who believe the "Big Lie" are literally trying to cast doubt on the way the 2020 election was conducted. They are promoting the idea that the election was fraudulent simply because their guy didn't win.

There is a big difference. Don't let this lie go unchallenged.

The brain washing is complete

My mother, and one of my brothers believe the 2020 election was stolen. Their proof? They saw more Trump yard signs. Yep, that's their proof...that, and the way Trump drew large crowds to his rallies.

Forget about actual proof, branding is all they need to join the cult.

I'm sorry my family is part of the problem in this country. I'm working on it.

Is anything being done about Kevin McCarthy's threats? I'm serious.

I can't find anything being done about McCarthy and Greene openly threatening communication companies that comply with the investigation into January 6th.

I know our democracy is hurting, but are we that far gone that such threats get ignored? Why the hell aren't these two thugs being punished for such fascistic threats?

This may seem unfair, but it's my honest opinion that...

that certain (maybe not all) right-wing media pundits, MAGTs, haters and republicans finally got what they've been salivating for: deaths in Afghanistan they can blame on Biden.

If this is unfair of me? I don't care.
I know too many MAGAts, and I assure you they are glad there have finally been some deaths. It was the one thing missing for them in their narrative.
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