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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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A question about doctor patient confidentiality and HIPAA

What is the use of doctor patient confidentiality and HIPAA if you have to tell a receptionist why you are calling to make an appointment?

I just called to make an appointment with my doctor, who is part of a big hospital system in my area. They have a receptionist that handles calls for many doctors in the system. Part of making an appointment is telling the receptionist everything from your name, age and why you are calling, and she wouldn't just leave it at "I'm having some issues I need to talk to the doctor about". I had to be more specific with a total stranger who is not my doctor. WTF?

I didn't feel very respected. Is this normal? And what about confidentiality? I think being a big system is the problem.

Just needed to rant.

He's still trying to keep America from knowing the truth

Did I hear this right?

Trump is suing the January 6th committee?

Sometimes I just can't believe how ridiculous things are in this once great land.

To Republicans complaining that the Jan 6 investigation is "political"

If you think it's "political" that's your fault, not those investigating. Coups are political by nature and investigating them tends to shed light on the political party that was involved. Your side made it political when it tried to force its political will on the rest of us.

If you don't like investigations showing your party was involved in a coup, blame those in your party that attempted the coup. In the meantime, STFU and stop blaming the investigation committee for something your side created.

Thank you. End of rant.

edited for grammar mistake

Yet another text sent to Meadows on Jan 6

I think Ashli Babbitt's parents should look into suing Trump

I'm no legal expert, but I would think with all the evidence coming out pointing to Trump not stopping the riot, they might have a pretty good case. It's a thought.

Does anyone remember Kevin McCarthy saying the republicans would do their own Jan 6 investigation?

How's that going? Or was that just more republican BS?

Hearing FOX hosts pleading with Meadows on Jan 6

Hearing FOX hosts pleading with Meadows on Jan 6 really shows how FOX and the right-wing media are very much a part of shaping TFG agenda. The idea that they could call Meadows and weigh in on the effect the riot would have on their narrative is very telling.

Of course we've known this all along, but it's always kind of stunning when you get actual proof.
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