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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Republicans dumbing down their base while making excuses for themselves

Our country is suffering from disinformation and plain old ignorance. We have wack- job Magats that have shown they will attack the Capitol at the direction of one person based on false information. Now, instead of correcting this awful situation, republican senators pretty much have told the criminals that the Constitution condones it.

The average Magat needs to see consequences in order to grow and change. They need hard reality and fact, not excuses or debate that they don't understand.

Mitch McConnel's double speak does nothing to put blame on Trump. He may think he's telling people Trump was to blame, but since there was no conviction the Magats aren't going to hear it. The take away for the Magats is that Trump won, he was "exonerated" in their eyes.

I am so mad at the republicans for putting our country in such a terrible state.

It's the same damn thing every third world despot does

They demonize the press, put yes-men in power around themselves, build a loyal following, cast doubt on elections and carry out coup attempts. Trump has done all these things right out in the open, and there will still be members of the Senate that will let him get away with it.

I hope we can keep our republic.

Every protest I've ever been to had a protocol

Mind you I haven't been to a ton of protests, but the few I have been in had basic rules that were discussed prior to the action. For example, shortly after George Floyd was killed I went to a planned BLM protest in Michigan, just across the line from where I live. It was basically a 1 mile march along a heavily traveled roadway. There was a stated starting point where everyone gathered to hear the rules. Basically the rules were: don't block traffic, be non-violent, keep moving, wear masks, and stick to the route of the march. The march ended in a park where speeches were given. All of this was planned ahead of time.

If Trump's riot on January 6th was just a protest that got out of control, where was the protocol?

I think impeaching Trump could actually bring unity

It could very well expose Trump's dangerous actions against democracy and convert any thinking followers he may have. I know there aren't many "thinking" Trump followers, but many there are a couple.

I'm sick and tired of a particular false narrative from the right

It's the false narrative that every time Trump is called out for something by Democrats their motive is simple that they "hate" Trump.
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