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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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The part about the Cawthorn videos that bothers me is not what Cawthorn likes to do in them, but...

the way it seems someone, or group, had these videos ready to use against him the moment he pissed off the wrong people.

Think of the children and never vote for republicans

Children should grow up knowing that it is a good thing to tell the truth. They should know that lying is wrong. We as adults must teach by example. But, when it comes to the truth, Republicans set a bad example. They are bad for our future generations.

Case in point: Kevin McCarthy.

I am sick and tired of this spineless, lying sack of excrement. He continues to lie even after being proven a liar, and the media lets him get away with that stupid answer he's been giving about how he never asked TFG to resign.

Here's how I would interview a lying fart- hole like McCarthy:

Me- You are on an audio recording saying you wanted to ask TFG to resign. Why did you lie and say you had never said such a thing?

McCarthy- "I never asked Trump to resign."

Me- That's not the question, moron. We know you lost your courage to do the right thing and ask for his resignation. The question is
why are you such a lying sack of crap, period?

Well, that's my rant for the day. Have a good one everybody.

I am celebrating today

I brought my blood pressure down without medication!

My pressure had always been a little higher than it should have been, and getting higher with each check.

I had always heard that exercise, and diet can bring down blood pressure, but I had never given it a serious try until 3 months ago. At that point I made a vow that my blood pressure was not going to become a "subject of concern" at my next doctor visit.

Well, that visit was today, and my pressure was an astonishing 112 over 70!

The best part is it didn't really take that much. Along with avoiding extra sugar and salt, every day for 3 months I walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a setting of 3.00 miles per hour. I did this at my local YMCA, which is very reasonably priced for all the gym equipment they let you use. I only used a treadmill.

I could actually do this without a treadmill, but going to the gym allowed me to walk in all kinds of weather.

I'm posting this in case it may encourage someone to bring down their pressure.

To take it one step farther, I'm thinking about adding a Yoga class to my routine.

The way I look at it- the Jan 6 committee is working for We The People, not a political party

How long before Trump starts bragging that the "witch hunt Jan 6th committee" couldn't find anything on him or they would have referred his ass to the DOJ?

What is all this "it might look political" if there is a referral to the Justice Department? We have to let coup attempts go unpunished because it might "look" political? News flash: coups tend to be political! Those attempting them are the ones guilty of making it political not the ones investigating. We The People should be allowed to investigate and seek justice, without being accused of being political.

How to keep politics out of a referral? Stress the idea that no one is above the law and leave it at that.

Give me a frickin' break

I finally watched the video where Biden called on God and said of Putin "For God's sake this man can not remain in power".

What the hell is the big deal? And why is everyone leaving out the whole quote? Off handily hoping to God that someone doesn't remain in power doesn't mean you want them dead, just that they shouldn't remain in power.

Do republicans want Putin to remain in power?

I know Lindsey Graham recently called for what sounded like an assassination.

Q nuts in Congress, a Q nut married to a SCOTUS judge...

That's 2 out of 3 branches of the U.S. government influenced by Q nuts. When Trump was president all 3 branches had conspiracy theory nuts in them. What the hell has happened to this country. Thank God Biden is now president so at least the Executive branch is free of conspiracy nuts. I hope we can survive this madness.

The question any real journalist should ask TFG...

Mr. Ex president, you like to say Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if you were president, does this mean you hold the belief that Putin is waging a war of choice against Ukraine?

Then sit back and watch him give a non-answer that won't offend his boss Putin.

Think about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016 in terms of Ukraine today

Remember the Trump Tower meeting back in June of 2016? The Trumps were lured into hosting the meeting with the promise of dirt on Hillary. But, for Putin it was really about undoing the Magnitsky Act. We know this because in their coverup story the Trumps claimed the meeting was about "adoptions". Obviously Trump and his kids had no idea how restrictions on adoptions were related to the Magnitsky Act, otherwise they would have known what Putin was actually up to and wouldn't have used such a telling alibi.

With the current situation in Ukraine we need the Magnitsky Act more than ever because it allows for the targeted personal sanctions against Russian Oligarchs. Putin hates Magnitsky Act, because if used correctly, it could be one of the strongest things we have when it comes to punishing Putin for what he is doing.

Fortunately, getting rid of the Magnitsky Act was one of those things Trump could not do for Putin. However, through ignorance and a desire to get dirt on Hillary, Trump never alerted our intelligence that Putin was trying to influence a possible future president. It's just another example of how Trump has covered for Putin.

Discussion on the Magnitsky Act starts at Approximately :22 of the video.

Time for a little review. Remember Reality Winner?

I don't care how many books he writes

Bill Barr's place in history will be that of an enabler to the worst president ever. Hopefully we won't lose democracy for his actions.
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