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I_UndergroundPanther's Journal
I_UndergroundPanther's Journal
October 24, 2023


With the republicans unwilling to elect a speaker one thought came to mind.

The chaos caucus has stated they want to "burn it all down" and thier followers in thier stupidity want to do it too.

If these fucking republicans cant get thier shit together enough to elect a speaker the moderates can say "we tried" when they too behind closed doors are considering burning it to wrest control away from the people and not be suspect. While the chaos caucus can say they stood by thier bad principals.

What if this bullshit drags out to the point we default?
With no speaker,there will be no sudden compromises with the dems like what happened before. No discussion at all,and true to form while people panic they'll blame Joe.

Conservatism is a sick ideology and has always been fertile grounds for fascism to grow.Because when conservatism is taken to its logical end it becomes fascism.

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I was on DU for years as Underground Panther. I am 54,a non binary,demi asexual,transgendered person with a feline soul. I am a Satanist chaorder, ceremoniaI sorcerer. I despise republicans and thier"beliefs"and the crap they call a political platform. They are scumbags. I love cats I do many kinds of art,love history philosophy,magick, among many other things. I love to explore the unknown. I have a sweet black and white cat named Othello. I am Very glad to be back on DU.

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