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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 2,069

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i dont know where to put this , so , I am going to put it here untill it gets flagged .

there was a post on here discussing a major wind event for california, https://www.democraticunderground.com/10142377803
where pg and e , our northern ca electric utility, will be shutting off most of northen california to mrrow .
I talked to my sis in north hollyood ca and she said that the winds should get there by thursday. She said that the electric companies will be shutting off most of the state . ive been watching a website that forecasts winds and so far , rather calm. wind website posted below.
for those in the know , these are surface winds .

re: going to sf pride mrrow . first one update .

i was hoping to see some of you on bart but i never got to bart , a little explination. i have a-fib - a flutter . i was getting my bath at 0500 , went to turn around and the heart took off doing 150-156 bpm. i have certain emergency proceedures in place to deal with the naughty heart. i alerted my ride via skype that i was in trouble .i then called 911. medics came , took me to hospital which is a mile away. the er drs gave me 3 doses of my emergency med in liquid form and then liquid dialtiazem which got the rate down into the 90s, however the heart was still in a flutter as wittnesed by the o scope via a crankey saw tooth wave . i was put under semi local anasteisa and was electrically converted . we have sinus rythem. all is not lost , a friend sent me a link so i can watch the parade via live feed. being there and marching with u in spirit. too bad some of us du members couldent march together next year. new goal. shooting for modesto pride in september. be well, be safe . 73 de allan01bear.

going to sf pride to mrrow . first one

there is one in modesto ca which is closer to me , but something keeps getting in the way of that one . made up my mind to go. what should i expect.? thanks in advance . ill be wearing a baseball cap,(purple ) with a winnie the pouh characther . ( tigger) on front.

does anyone use the web browser seamonkey and do u have problems seeing pics on du?

i cant see the thumbnails on youtube nor can i see the photos on lol cats . any advice ? thanks in advance . sea monkey is a direct descendant of mozilla browser .

found this film on youtube just now .called different from the others

silent 1919

have anyone of you seen this? done by queen

was in hospital with blown gall bladder and a stone about the size of an egg.

now home . very smokey here .
thanks to all who responded with their stories and good cheer.


was at a local supermarket doing shopping and was chatting w a lady in front of me and all of the sudden out of her mouth came this " the democrats are trying to steal the election, what a bunch of sick people ". after she left i said jokeingly to the casheer,: if i am a democrat i must be pretty sick." this one cant get too upset over things as i have a a-fib heart issues . upsetting ness also aggreivates is . i just rolled my eyes .

i cant stand fear for fear's sake . i cant stand stupidity for stupidity's sake .

sure lot of both going on to day.

breaking news

i went out to take out my kitchen trash to the dumpster @ our apartment complex . ( live a hour away from yosemite national park in sonora ca) the nasty fergusen fire has been raging. I SAW BLUE SKIES AND CLOUDS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 29 DAYS yabbba dabba dooo. kudos to the fire fighters .
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