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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
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time for a national womans strike . shut it down.

cute swiss childrens song about a bus.

awile back, i talked about the different modes of transport for the mails . i mentioned that stage coaches used bugles and the post used to announce its comming. someone on here said that they still do in switzerland .
the bus has a distinctive horn and is based on the first three notes of the william tell overture . duuu daaa dooo. the bus has right of way on narrow roads going up and or down.
with out further adoo heres the song.

could u imagine living in that scenery?

stewing about stew.

gonna make a fresh batch. using some leftover stew and chicken tenders from kfc.

have a grand day u du cookers u


spot forecast for sonora ca via a electric utility called pg & e, somewhat accurate


have a grand day yalll.

mornings lo temp 48. sky 100 % clear with haze winds unk,wind chill unk.

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