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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,473

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my birthday is wed. :) 64

full title , the birthday cake polka.

on sherrif john.

watched him on channel eleven when i was a child .


breaking . 7.1 eq hits Acapulco, Mexico City.

usgs details .


tonites din is homemade stir fry veggies. chopped ham. and rice .

was intruppted by a caller from the r national commitie . grr. bad words here. instant hangup.

saharan dust cloud

i knew this affected weather but didnt realize how much.




major hurricane larry and his path with 50 foot waves . if u r a ship get out of the way. hope he dosent make landfall.

flooded philly freeway.


tornadoe map of the usa.


friend sent to me via skype.


u rs ,,,,,

you whine and complain about government interference in your lives ,, well,,,, heres a biggy. get ready.

re new iphone user

got hold of a real person @ verizon, they shunted me to prepaid departnent will write # down for future use . our local verizon store is temporaly closed. when i went to store ,only 2 people,manager and a associate i now have the verizon prepaid dept., # and will try again. thanks 4 ur help.


i was traveling around today and noticed some signs.

our local mcdonalds is hiring @ $12.00 hour.
our local walmart is hiring @$16.00 hour for temps during christmas.
congress , you had a chance to pass a living wage @$16.00, but nooooo, cant afford it, but we just got off a forever war where we sank billions for nothing.dang u and your slave wages whilst u also gave your campaign buddies huge tax breaks and none for us.
bah humbug. for thes cos experianceig long delays, hire more ppl than robots @ a living wage full stop
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