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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,100

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anyone know why weather underground stopped using its interactive radar?

weaather observations for sonora ca.

sky 100 % cloudy
wind : light and variable
humidity unk
temp : 91
chance of rain 1 %
active heat advisory.
pressure 29.9 eek. my poor body cant stand it.
visibility : 10 mi
on edit: forgot its raining in yosemite national park and souronding areas w poss snow.

6.1 earthquake afganastan.



i had posted a minion version of the pirates of penzance , i am the model of a modern major general

info on the entire opera as presented by gilbert and sullivan.
opera opening overture.
and not mike pence and his aunt.

the minions do opera. hms pinafore , i am the model of a modern major general.

a friend of mine was taking me home and we saw this strange california bear

republic flag couldnt figure it out found it on amazon.

brief case train layout.

silly me , i forgot to put in the video link. egg on face . i want 1.

anyone follwing the severe flooding in yellowstone np that has been going on the last several days?

not good for them.
frim billings gazatte newspaper.

model trains .

if i wound up in a rest/ retirement / speciallized care place . this would be the way for me to enjoy model trains , eggspecially if i had to share a room w 3 other people .

this is called t gauge . offically the worlds smallest functioning model train.

untill that floating orange fat man is brought in chains b4 the comm, i aint watching ,

but will be kept informed by the various threads in du. changed some wordage to make it sound better.
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