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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,100

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what is the difference betwen a skilit, a griddle and a grille? thanks preplexing question.

movie . dune . 1984.

who was the gruff male voice presenter in that film? thanks .

picking up baby birds.

i was at a shopping center the other day and noticed a young starling on the ground . it peeped at me. i sensed that the parents were in the area and i dare not pick it up to put it back into the bush. is this ok or not? i saw 1 of the parents on the roof of the building and he/ she divebomed me .

world war 1 military and steam tractor convy. in the u.k

go away train, youre drunk.

hats off to the people who found and restored the equipment or kept it in good order over the years .

snow on the dogwoods . bark ,bark,

how many of u all have heard the old saying ," snow on the dogwoods "? .

where a friend of mine is , she has been having snow the last several days and the dogoods have bloomed twice ? could this be the end of winter ? never say never though.

i used to use the weather underground next rad radar for yeaars .

about a month ago, i noticed that the page has been down for maintnance . what interactive radar do u use or did wu chance the radar page ? thankssssss.


ps : it has been down since .

if thigs goto hell quickly . i aint going this is my country allso , dang nabbit.


i am looking for a simple easy to use pedometer for my iphone se 22. thanks .

when ever i always searcb , its the 10 best or the 8 best . gets annoying after a while.

todays repast for lunch from meals on wheels is ,,

quiceh florentine w sliced baked potatos and asparagrass. mmmm.

tonites repast

sonoma chicken salad . brocolii. and noodles wih yogurt for desert. meals on wheels style .
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