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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,492

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ive been getting really really offensive ads on youtbe . somone is puttin out

anti trans ads and i would love to report and or block.

groaner time .

we had a farewell / retirment party for our long time priest . priest loves model trains . i was sitting next to a fellow and said that he can now enjoy his trains and vicars and model trains gotogether , he quipped back and said ," they are "trained " for it. "

stewing about stew.

leftover chili. meals on wheels veggies . they give us 2 servings and i put one in a baggie and throw it into my freezer . cannned mini tomatoes . and chopped up potato on slo overnite. the apartment should stink will by morning.

the reason why i brought the book question up ( ho wmany du members read books

in this day and age ?) someone said that " no one reads books any more" i got my answer and thanks to all who posted .

how many du members read physical books in this day and age?

im mad as (Swear) and cant stand it any mo. re : texas murders .

they hide behind the flag. they hide behind the constitution then come out swinging.

we need to start swinging back

mad as heck. danger . language , most beeped you have been warned . i agree 100 % with him,

false christians hidiing behind their bibles .

if i ever goto a retirement place where i share bed room with other people ,

this would be be the way for me to enjoy trains .

nice brief case layout . ive have seen even smaller.

whats the longest u all had to wait on the phone for social security to pick up?

yesterday it took me about 1 hour to get an agent. she was nice and we got things done. was based in seattle wa.
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