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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,191

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i dont know if this fits here but i am a puttin it

i am very pissed off. at the fact that the groper in chief is still in office and that other pedifile in alabama is still running. :bomb:

howdi . i have a question. i operate a macbook pro

i use seamonkey. a variant of fire fox. every time i log into a story here i get the following: " you have requested a page that is partilly incripted and dosnt prevent evesdropping. what does that mean? thanks in advance ? i use adblocker plus and another adwaree along with malware protection. thanks in advance .
. on edit. showed this to a friend whose job is it. he said it was a page problem with ssh and non ssh.

how many of u from my generation remember the pie fight scene from the move the great race ?

can you imagine if all the people u have hated in the world in that room and let them have it ?

when a newly installed prez declares war on half of the population

this is what happens

shades of hope

from the devistating blow from he who shall not be name( ive been in a state of shock for a whole year because of that resounding defeat.) to this day of victory im in a state of giddyeness reading about it. am in sensory overload . besides my brain hurts in a good way.

wonder how the kotch bros are feeling to nite with many of their fair haird

lads out of a job?

come celebrate with me

dont forget to set your clocks back this weekend

if we dont quit bickering and instead of focus on the past were going to lose again

in the next election cycle . we need to focus on the true enemy of this country , the current prez. so knock it off peeps .

this story via face book

Katie Sherrod
1 hr ·

A story from the California inferno

Holly Daniele:
A week ago my life was turned upside down. I live in the city of Santa Rosa, California, a block away from the area leveled by wildfires (I’m lucky to still have a home).

My father-in-law was missing for four long days, presumed dead in the Tubbs Fire. My husband and I, and several other family members, were evacuated for a week from our homes. We woke up to evacuation alerts at 1:30am. In total darkness, we grabbed any items of value we could (we chose our cats), leaving with only the clothes on our backs. Fire was burning up a house on a nearby hill and there were lots of explosions. It was war.

What later emerged was countless stories of true American heroism, bravery, and selflessness. My father-in-law, a resident in a small assisted living home now destroyed, was found alive and well in a hospital. A family of four from the Philippines saved his life, and the lives of three other residents. The father of the family was a live-in caregiver and lived at the home with his family. At the time of the fire, only his family and 4 residents were there. He quickly got the four residents into wheelchairs, each family member pushed one down the road with embers flying into their faces and thick smoke making it difficult to see. Even their 7 year old son with autism had to push a wheelchair. The family found people climbing into an SUV down the road. They begged them to take the residents to safety and all piled in, abandoning the wheelchairs.

It angers me that “the president” has no plans to visit the devastation in California, a largely Democratic State. If he did, I would share what really makes America great and I would tell him about this family of heroes. They lost everything while saving others and are now sleeping on the floor of a relative’s small apartment.
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