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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,132

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i am learning to fly via ms flight sim 1980 version for dos.

for years i have been using a app on apple called boxer app. boxer is a front end app for dos box. i recently swiched to 64 bit big sur and my old copy of boxer wouldnt work. i however found a 64 bit variant for mac . i found the game a while ago and just found the manual for it i also learned i can set the plane up so that the controls arnt so sensitive . anyone else have experiance here . thanks in adance . ps: im going to learn how to just taxi for now and do baby steps . 73 de allan01bear.

flash flood warning for yosemite national park


dangit . now i got a few songs stuck in my earworm player .



3: &t=11s

flash flood warning for northeastern tuolumne county ca .


according to radar , sonora ca had a brief rainshower @ 0500 ca time .

this was the inspiration for the clean water act.

sky: 100% cloudy. visibility 10 miles . winds nothing to speak at right now.

radar reports a line of showers from i 50 ( south of lake tahoe) to west of jamestown ca . we have 15% chance of rain today with widely scattered thunderstorms and monsoonal moisture into the work week.

hihowdi du.

im running a browser called seamonkey and am having issues posting on du. i get " the server has timedout and err 502 i also get a diagram from google showing thrughput from my connection to x and from x to du. seems du is having a issue . earlier i tried to post and couldnt post but went to my posts and found it there . seems almost laggy. thanks in advance

where i am, the monsoon is here in ca, getting sprinkes and thunder .

rain reportadly big drops . yay.

how come are some judges appointed and some elected ?

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