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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
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re washington fire , breaking . body found in burn area. state of local emergency declared.


for some of those who cant do their own research , here is a continuance

of a discussion that i posted yesterday.
compton cafeteria riots occured in san fransico 55 years ago as a start to the gay rights ,womens rights, and for ppl of color. compton riots occured 3 years before the stonewall riots . please feel free to read wkipedia link below.


yet another "lost and buried " piece of history.

heard this referenced on yt.

please see my post that i made today. no paywall . via wikipedia.



update on washington fire . 50% contained at this time .

see article at link below.


re: washington fire . more news acrege and containment area grows.


re washington fire.

the wasington fire started as 2 seprate fires . merged together. the fire is 10 percent contained . some rezes are being allowed back into their homes . story from union democrat and mymotherlode below
mymotherlode article https://www.mymotherlode.com/news/local/1928867/washington-fire-holding-at-81-acres.html

uniondemocrat article https://www.uniondemocrat.com/news/article_5740951e-0760-11ec-b22e-9b2851db22ce.html
could have been worse. possibole may be my final post on this unless things change .

todays meal from meals on wheels . sloppy joe and cole slaw.

how sloppy joe? add your joke or pun here .

re washinton fire .

no noon update . thanks to the firefighters on the ground , law enforcment . the bomber and helecoptor pilots for saving sonora . if things were different , id be singing a different song today. cal fire even brought in the big md 80 bomber several times . apperently there were 2 fires that were set and they merged and became the washington fire.

on the washingto fire in sonora ca

sonora ca is about an hour from yosemite national park, 3 hours east of san fransisco. 8 hours from los angles in the old sierra nevada gold mining district as of today i am safe , but there are manditory evacuatoins in south sonora and west to jamestown area .( a unincorperated area of tuolmnue county.) as of to day the fire has grown (according to cal fire ) 81 acres and 5% contained . the power outage was related to the fire as it took out some key power lines . so it was crazy. i got a call from a buddy of mine in my2 story apartment and the elevataor wasnt working due to the outage ,. went down stairs and went to a friends house .spent the evening there. was told that we were on advisment but never did.

update to my earlier post . the power is back on and i am home in my own bed . :)

the fire was ccontaind to about 60 acres due to columia cal fire air attack base and fire crews on the grown. started in a used to was homeless camp.
news link below .
friend was making me a bed to spend the night and the swamp cooler came on !!!!! thank you all for the well wishes .
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