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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,503

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spot forecast for sonora ca

sky : partly cloudy
winds : 5 to 10 mph
hi temp , predictied . 100 hundered degrees f.
humidity .35 %
on lighting watch.

dangerous heat warning for sonora ca and environs .

via nws hanford ca.

Dangerous Heat in the West; Flash Flooding Possible Across the Southern US

Dangerous heat is expected across areas in Texas and from Washington through California. Several daily high temperature records are expected to be either tied or broken in the West. Monsoonal showers and thunderstorms may result in flash flooding and debris flows over the Southwestern U.S. through Friday. Locally heavy rain is expected from thunderstorms in the Southeast. Read More >

this is part of the crew that who made me who i am among other things .

my mom and fam and other world events .

saw this vid in my recs on youtube . we need more of this . friendship is free.


tonites din din.

small baked potato,
and yougurt for desert.

the most beautiful peice of music , ever . some of u may dissagree.

now that lindsay is a no show , will the judge send the bailif or marshals or whom ever

, or will it be hands off?

how sweet it is to watch them squirm.

major flooding in flagstaff due to monsoon rains

iraq in broiling heat wave . grid operators shut down grid to conserve powr

temps hit 125 degrees f.
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