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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,102

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this is allan01 bear , signing off for good . to much more important stuff to do.

update on my covid situation

talked to my healthcare provider and they said if i am not exhibiting any symptoms after 2 weeks it would be ok to go out . am not. somone mentioned on a prior post that one could still test positive for 90 days and be ok. my healtcare provider concurred . i will see my main provider on wed and discuss options from here on out.
love ya all. u all are my 4th family and keep me insane in a sane world .

tomrrow i go get tested to see if i am covid free after 2 weeks of self isolation.

will let uall know whats up either way.( positive or negative .) if negative , go on my merry way. if positive go straight home and ponder next move.

in my 2 weeks of self isolation, ive also been working on a jigsaw puzzle

called " sunflowers and song birds . been working on it since my birthday in september coming along in fits and starts . one of my fav useful tools that i use for large assembled peices is a cooking spatula. fun. my isolation ends hopefuly tuesday the first when i get re tested .

since i have been in self isolation for covid , my diabetes numbers for the

last two weeks went upm now they are in the low hundreds .

the history of banned books in the usa

started almost instantly after the "puritains " arrived .


this is a thorney subject. very thorny.

29 degrees f @ 0700 in sonora ca . burrr.


day 6 of covid self isolation.

i have a chair by my front door for use of meals on wheels deliveries rather than on floor . some ignoramus had put their garbage on it and i left a note . took a walk to the dumptser with my and their trash. also to mail box. got att bill and will ship that out after lunch. counting down the days till i get re tested .
morning sniffles . take care

i have my bedroom and living room windows in my apartment wide open.

very warm : 70 degrees f. slight breeze . few weeks ago we were having big sno storms here . hem
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