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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,132

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st . james infermory betty boop style . max flischer / famous studios .

i dont know if this has hit any of the groups or forums yet ,,,,,,,,,

xxxxx 7.0 earthquake within the hour 271 km168.39 miles ese of tadine new calidonia.
cant get anything on particulrs of the quake yet .

did russia just declare war on us by inticing regime change in the us?

1 threatened us w nukes
2 said we have means to put us in our place
3 they want their partner trump back in.

dont know if this is the right group.

i recently uploaded a vid to utube and it is in private mode and i want to make it public. is there a way to make it public once posted ?if i dont hear anything in a few days this post will be taken down.

homemade pancakes for din tonight.

from the lookout cook book 1938
page 21griddle cakes .

1 coupp flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 cup milk ( i use silk milk)
1 egg , well beaten, poor egg, what did it ever do?.
1 1 1/2 melted butter or shortening.
cook on fry pan , skillet untill ready to serve .
makes 12.
i made a big boo bo. memo to self. make small cakes . not a large one . easier to flip, enjoy

sunflowers and songbirds

jigsaw puzzle i put together. first vid i have shot in 5 years . a little shaky but will use mini tripod and try again.

actually i am quite pleased w myself.

this mans craftmanship is like wow and there are some videos that are also wow


i build things in legos , knex and whatever i have on hand .

sadly the gentleman in this vid passed away in 2021 summer .


posted without comment

the king of swing. in the mood.

happy birthday to my late mom who was born on this day.

happy 2nd day of spring du.
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