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Personal carry not authorized - Weapons in secure locations around campus for a select few...

Heard a story today on CNN I think...

Some school in Ohio (probably) doesn't allow concealed or open carry by teachers, principals or employees but does have a team with monthly training who have access to safes around the campus with weapons in them (don't know if handguns only or rifles)

Supposedly the identity of these individuals is kept secret but I'm sure they aren't hard to pick out. Mr. Smith the 30 something Afghanistan veteran and PT coach vs 75 year old Mrs. Rasmussen from the library who shouldn't even be driving.

Accepting the increased cost of weapons, safes, training and upkeep... Whatever we do is going to cost money... Is this a step that both sides could accept? For some, the answer is an obvious "No" because it increases guns.

Maybe it saves lives though. Maybe it doesn't

This almost seems like a happy medium between Mrs. Frizzle with a Glock 19 in a shoulder holster and no response capacity at all.

The safes would have to be very secure. Embedded in the concrete or the like... Opening a safe immediately alerts authorities.

I'd also put in a duress code to lock the safe for 48 hours and alert police. Some secure form of identification to first responders.

Pros and cons all around but it seemed more reasonable than most suggestions I've heard in the last week.

Again... I realize that to some the goal is to get rid of guns. A more realistic or at least intermediate goal could be to save lives and do something to make schools a harder target.


6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isnt Coming To Your Side On Gun Control

"There are several reasons Second Amendment advocates aren’t running to your side of the argument, and it might not be the ones you think."


1. We Rarely Get to Come to the Conversation in Good Faith

2. The ‘Blood on Their Hands’ Attacks Are Offensive

3. The Loudest Voices Are Often the Most Ignorant

4. The Most Prominent Policy Ideas Have Nothing to Do With the Tragedy

5. We Seriously Don’t Care About Gun Laws in Other Countries

6. We Really Do Consider Owning Firearms a Right


I always find it helpful to look at a problem from all sides. Very few folks see themselves as the enemy.

Author, source etc... all on the other side of the spectrum but in the end the question should be "Do we want to fight?" or "Do we want results? If so, what are those...?"

Working with some good faith could go a long ways...

edit: Added the 6 Reasons. More at the article...

538.com's Interactive Gun Death Statistics Chart


It really helps keep things in perspective. Give it a try...

edit: Gun* ... Typing one handed is hard and slow...

Media bias chart...Accurate?

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