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A hypothetical : 6 more years of Trump but it all ends in charges and marched out of the WH in cuffs

... Or a Dem win in 2020 but Trump and everyone in his circle gets off scott free and he assumes his 'elder statesman' role and continues to mooch for many years?

The six year choice probably means one or two SCOTUS appointments as well.

We Asked All Of The 2020 Presidential Candidates Their Thoughts On Vaccines.

Some interesting notes. Mostly standard stuff with the exception of Mayor Pete whose spokesman appears to have stepped in it and then pulled it back.


Senior Army NCO (who is also black and female) arrested after acting in self defense...

A Fort Knox sergeant is going on the offensive after being charged with a crime she says she didn’t commit.

Police charged Kai Waters, 33, with felony assault in connection to a road rage incident in Elizabethtown in February.

Waters says she now has proof that she was not the aggressor. She spoke with WAVE 3 News, claiming Elizabethtown police who arrived on scene assumed she was the attacker because of her age and race before looking at all the evidence.


Fort Knox LTC Alicia Masson sent WAVE 3 News the following statement on behalf of Waters:

“SFC Waters is a professional and was chosen from our entire field to come to Fort Knox and represent our Corps after an intense vetting process. She is a trusted leader and this turn of events is in total contradiction to her performance and character. I understand the police department has a job to do but now that the truth is seen by video that our Soldier was attacked, I hope there will be swift correction to this situation and her rights returned. I stand behind her and am anxious for justice.”


At least the Army is standing behind her. There is literal video of this NCO defending herself.

WTF is going on in Kentucky?

538.com talk about Trump's chances in 2020

Posted in GD as this is mostly about the general and not the primary.


What could Democrats have gained if they played the same sort of "hardball" in recent decades?

Just reading a story about Mitch Mcconnell and I find myself wondering what we could have gotten in the modern era (define as you like) if we played the same way? Anything short of and up to outright illegality is a valid tactic. Norms, decorum, standards be damned...

A la blocking the Supreme Court seat etc...

This would be setting aside the incredible damage that blowing up norms does of course...

Calls increase for Democratic lawmaker to resign over use of racial slur

A groundswell of Maryland elected officials — including the state’s black legislative caucus, Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and Prince George’s County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks (D) — called Wednesday for the resignation of Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, the Har­ford County Democrat who used the n-word to describe a Prince George’s legislative district.

“We know she is one of our colleagues, we know she is a Democrat, but party has nothing to do with the hatred and bigotry that comes out of someone’s mouth,” said Del. Darryl Barnes (D), who chairs the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland and represents part of Prince George’s County, one of the wealthiest and most highly educated ­majority-African American jurisdictions in the nation.

“There is no place in the House of Delegates for that type of language to be used,” Barnes said. “It is unacceptable, it is offensive, and it is very hurtful.”

Lisanti used the racial slur in late January, in a conversation with black and white lawmakers at a cigar bar in Annapolis. She told another white lawmaker that when he campaigned in Prince George’s on behalf of a candidate last fall, he was door-knocking in a “n----- district,” said Del. Jay Walker (D-Prince George’s), who witnessed the comment and represents the district in question.


Article is a day old so posting here...

Holy crap. I'm surprised we haven't been beaten over the head with this one more. I'm relatively tuned into the news cycle and this is the first I've heard of it.

Seriously... WTF?


Which 'lower tier' 2020 candidate would you like to see rise to the top? Mine is Hickenlooper.

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