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nkpolitics1212's Journal
nkpolitics1212's Journal
March 3, 2017

Which Saturday Night Live actor is playing Jefferson Beauregard Sessions ?

We have to see the SNL version of the Senate confirmation hearing starring US Senators AL Franken and Jeff Sessions.

March 3, 2017

How about a double minority ticket in 2020? Cory Booker/Julian Castro

Cory Booker and Julian Castro can help Democrats win the following battleground states.
CO-9 (203ev)
FL-29 (232ev)
NV-6 (238ev)
NM-5 (243ev)
NC-15 (258ev)
VA-13 (271ev)

These are battleground states with a strong black and hispanic voting age population
Cory Booker and Julian Castro can do well in the battleground rust belt states

Cory Booker and Julian Castro have crossover appeal and could replicate and improve the Obama 2008/2012 coalition.

March 3, 2017

Jeff Sessions/Luther Strange AL US Senate seat could be Democrats 51st seat in 2018.

Democratic US Senators from Trump States up for re-election in 2018 are
Nelson-FL Likely D
Donnelly-IN Tossup
Stabenow-MI Likely D
McCaskill-MO Lean D
Tester-MT Likely D
Heitkamp-ND Tossup
Brown-OH Lean D
Casey-PA Likely D
Manchin-WV Likely D
Baldwin-WI Likely D
Democrats need to make sure all of these US Senators get re-elected plus unseat 3 Republican incumbents
Janet Napolitano
Kirsten Synema
Dina Titus
Kate Marshall
Bobby Bright

March 3, 2017

Tom Udall/Gary Peters ticket will help Democrats get over 270 ev winning all of the States Clinton

carried in 2016 by a double digit margin 183v plus all of the Southwestern states (AZ,CO,NV,and NM) 214ev and
VA-13 (227ev)
MN-10 (237ev)
MI-16 (253ev)
PA-20 (273ev)
WI-10 (283ev)
Udall and Peters US Senate seats are up for re-election in 2020. They can choose to not seek re-election to focus all of their attention on unseating Trump. Democrats have plenty of top tier candidates to choose from to win the NM US Senate seat
Hector Balderas or Ben Lujan and the MI US Senate Seat Jennifer Granholm or Mark Schauer . If Udall and Peters decide to run for re-election and the Presidency, Democrats are going to occupy the MI and NM governorship.

March 3, 2017

Al Franken/Sherrod Brown ticket in 2020 is a dream ticket for Democrats.

Both are strong progressives from battleground states in the Midwest.
This ticket can win all of the Clinton 2016 states plus
FL-29 (261ev)
PA-20 (281ev)
OH-18 (299ev)
MI-16 (315ev)
WI-10 (325ev)
These states except OH are states Trump won in 2016 by a less than 2 percent margin.

March 2, 2017

Must win Democratic States in 2020 are FL,NC,VA,AZ,CO,NV,and NM.

Whoever is the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee will carry all of the states Hillary Clinton carried in 2016 by a double digit margin -183ev. To get to 270, they need to win the Northern battleground states.
ME-2 (185ev)
NH-4 (189ev)
PA-20 (209ev)
OH-18 (227ev)
MI-16 (243ev)
WI-10 (253ev)
MN-10 (263ev)
IA-6 (269ev)
NE2cd-1 (270ev) or
The southern battleground states
VA-13 (196ev)
NC-15 (211ev)
GA-16 (227ev)
FL-29 (256ev)
TX-38 (294ev)
The Southwest
AZ-11 (194ev)
CO-9 (203ev)
NV-6 (209ev)
NM-5 (214ev)
VA-13 (227ev)
NC-15 (242ev)
FL-29 (271ev)
A Tom Udall/Roy Cooper ticket could help Democrats win those states to get to 270ev.

March 1, 2017

Democrats guide to 270ev is winning all of the Clinton 2016 states 232ev plus

FL-29 and PA-20 (281ev)
FL-29 and MI-16 (277ev)
FL-29 and NC-15 (276ev)
FL-29 and AZ-11 (272ev)
FL-29 and WI-10 (271ev)
PA-20 and MI-16 (268ev) and NC-15 (283ev)
PA-20 and MI-16 (268ev) and AZ-11 (279ev)
PA-20 and MI-16 (268ev) and WI-10 (278ev)
PA-20 and NC-15 (267ev) and AZ-11 (278ev)
PA-20 and NC-15 (267ev) and WI-10 (277ev)
PA-20 and AZ-11 (263ev) and WI-10 (273ev)
MI-16 and NC-15 (263ev) and AZ-11 (274ev)
MI-16 and NC-15 (263ev) and WI-10 (273ev)
MI-16 and AZ-11 (259ev) and WI-10 (269ev) and NE2cd-1 (270ev)

March 1, 2017

Tim Ryan-OH says no to 2018 OH Governors Race, Any chance he is targeting the 2022 US Senate

Races in OH?
1)Brown-OH gets elected President or Vice President in 2021, Special election for that seat takes place in 2022.
2)Portman is up for re-election in 2022, Ryan could challenge Portman.

March 1, 2017

US Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) should be mentioned as a potential 2020 Democratic candidate.

He is a United States Senator from MI- a battleground state in the Midwest.
He got elected to the US Senate in 2014-a Republican wave election year by a double digit margin against a top tier statewide elected official.
He served in the US Navy during the Persian Gulf War.
He represented a swing Congressional district from 2009-2013
He has a 90% overall progressive punch score/85% crucial vote progressive punch score.
Peters-MI could carry all of the Clinton 2016 states plus MI,PA,and WI.

February 28, 2017

2018 TX US Senate Race- Cruz has a 38 percent approval rating /20 percent approval rating among

TX is the third seat Democrats could pick up assuming a top tier Democratic candidate runs (Castro twins, Wendy Davis, or Beto O'Rourke-D) and Matthew Dowd runs as an Independent and Cruz -R loses in the Republican primary to Louie Gohmert.
The first and second seats Democrats pick up is NV-(Dina Titus, Kate Marshall or Steve Horsford) and AZ (Kristen Synema) and Flake-R loses in the Republican primary. Democrats need to hold onto IN and ND-the most vulnerable Democratic US Senate seats up in 2018.
Democrats need to target
MS (Jim Hood-D) to challenge Roger Wicker-R.
UT(Jim Matheson-D) Hatch-R loses in the primary and John Huntsman and/or Evan McMullen runs as an Independent.

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