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nkpolitics1212's Journal
nkpolitics1212's Journal
April 29, 2017

2018 NV US Senate Election- Jesse Sbaih,a Henderson, NV Muslim lawyer is seeking the Democratic

nomination for the US Senate.
Jesse Sbaih- a Muslim lawyer from Henderson,NV, who recently ran for the US House from NV-3CD, losing in the Democratic Primary to current US Rep. Jacky Rosen-D is seeking the Democratic nomination for the US Senate in 2018 against Heller-R.
What are Jesse Sbaih's chances of winning in the Democratic nomination against top tier Democratic candidates like US Reps-Dina Titus,Jacky Rosen, or Ruben Kihuen or Former State Treasurer Kate Marshall or Former State Secretary of State Ross Miller?
What are Jesse Sbaih's chances of winning in the November General Election in 2018 against Heller-R?
Does Trump and McConnell have to be very unpopular in NV for Heller to lose re-election against Sbaih?
Jacky Rosen was/is President of her local synagogue prior to her victory to the US House of Representative. If a religious Jewish candidate can win support from the NV Democratic establishment headed by Harry Reid, then a religious Muslim should be able to get support from the Democratic establishment for a US Senate run.

April 28, 2017

2017 AL US Senate/AL Governors Election

There are two potential Democratic candidates for the 2017 AL US Senate Election and the 2018 Governors Election.
Walter Maddox-Mayor of Tuscaloosa.
Christopher England-State Representative from the Tuscaloosa area, Minority Whip of the Alabama State House and member of the National Black Caucus of the State Legislature.
Both of these candidates are rising star (they are over 40 years old)
Between these two candidate which one should be the Democratic nominee for US Senate and which one should be the Democratic nominee for Governor?

April 27, 2017

2017 AL US Senate/2018 AL Governors Election -Walter Maddox

Walter Maddox should seek the Democratic nomination for AL Governor in 2018 instead of the US Senate in 2017. In AL a top tier Democrat has a better chance becoming Governor than US Senator. If Maddox-D is elected Governor in 2018 and wins re-election in 2022 and his high job approval ratings in his 2nd term as Governor, he can then seek the Democratic nomination for the US Senate in 2026. Whoever wins the 2017 AL US Senate Special Election will have to face re-election to a full term in 2020 and again in 2026. If a Democrat wins in 2017, loses in 2020, Maddox can challenge the first term GOP US Senator.

April 26, 2017

2017 AL US Senate Election- Which Democrat should the DSCC recruit to face Strange or Moore-R.

Former 2nd CD US Representative Bobby Bright?
Former 5th CD US Representative Bud Cramer?
Former State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks?
Former Lt Governor Jim Folsom?

April 26, 2017

2018 NV US Senate Election?

There are rumors that NV 1st Congressional district US Representative Dina Titus and Former NV State Treasurer Kate Marshall are considering running for the US Senate in 2018. Who stands a better chance of unseating Heller?

April 25, 2017

What are the chances of sitting or former Governors running for the US Senate and winning in 2018

DE-Markell-D (if Carper-D) retires?
TN-Halsam-R (if Corker-R) retires?
WY-Mead-R (if Barrasso-R) retires?

April 25, 2017

2018 CO Governors and 2020 CO US Senate Election-Democratic Nominee.

2018 CO Governors Election.
Top Tier Democratic Candidates include Cary Kennedy,Ed Perlmutter,and Jared Polis who is going to make an announcement in the next month or two. Will Polis throw his hat in the ring or will he wait in 2020 to unseat US Senator Cory Gardner?
2020 CO US Senate Election.
John Hickenlooper has the first right of refusal. If Hickenlooper says no to a US Senate run, which Democratic primary in the Governors Race is likely to win the Democratic nomination for the US Senate in 2020 and stand a chance of unseating Gardner?

April 25, 2017

2017/2018 US Senate and Governors Election winner predictions

AL-US Senate-Republican Primary Runoff Winner.
NJ-Governor-Phil Murphy-D
VA-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner.

AL-Governor-Republican Primary Runoff Winner.
AK-Governor-Bill Walker-I
AZ-US Senate-Kyrsten Sinema-D
AZ-Governor-Doug Doucey-R
AR-Governor-Asa Hutchinson-R
CA-US Senate-Eric Garcetti-D
CA-Governor-Gavin Newsom-D
CO-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner.
CT-US Senate-Chris Murphy-D
CT-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner.
DE-US Senate-Tom Carper-D
FL-US Senate-Bill Nelson-D
FL-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
GA-Governor-Republican Primary Runoff Winner-December 2018 Runoff-If neither political party gets over 50 percent in Nov.
HI-US Senate-Mazie Hirono-D
HI-Governor-David Ige-D
ID-Governor-Republican Primary Winner
IL-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
IN-US Senate-Joe Donnelly-D
IA-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner if Steve King is the Republican nominee.
KS-Governor-Republican Primary Winner.
ME-US Senate-Angus King-I
ME-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
MD-US Senate-Ben Cardin-D
MD-Governor-Larry Hogan-R
MA-US Senate-Elizabeth Warren-D
MA-Governor-Charlie Baker-R
MI-US Senate-Debbie Stabenow-D
MI-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
MN-US Senate-Amy Klobuchar-D
MN-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
MS-US Senate-Roger Wicker-R
MO-US Senate-Claire McCaskill-D
MT-US Senate-Jon Tester-D
NE-US Senate-Deb Fischer-R
NE-Governor-Pete Ricketts-R
NV-US Senate-Democratic Primary Winner
NV-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
NH-Governor-Steve Marchand-D
NJ-US Senate-Democratic Primary Winner
NM-US Senate-Martin Heinrich-D
NM-Governor-Democratic Primary Winner
NY-US Senate-Kirsten Gillibrand-D
NY-Governor-Andrew Cuomo-D
ND-US Senate-Heidi Heitkamp-D
OH-US Senate-Sherrod Brown-D
OH-Governor-Republican Primary Winner
OK-Governor-Republican Primary Winner
OR-Governor-Kate Brown-D
PA-US Senate-Bob Casey-D
PA-Governor-Tom Wolf-D
RI-US Senate-Sheldon Whitehouse-D
RI-Governor-Gina Raimondo-D
SC-Governor-Republican Primary Winner
SD-Governor-Republican Primary Winner
TN-US Senate-Bob Corker-R/Bill Halsam-R if Corker-R runs for Governor
TN-Governor-Republican Primary Winner
TX-US Senate-Ted Cruz-R
TX-Governor-Greg Abbott-R
UT-US Senate-Republican Primary Winner
VT-US Senate-Bernie Sanders-I
VT-Governor-Phil Scott-R
VA-US Senate-Tim Kaine-D
WA-US Senate-Maria Cantwell-D
WV-US Senate-Joe Manchin-D
WI-US Senate-Tammy Baldwin-D
WI-Governor-Scott Walker-R
WY-US Senate-John Barrasso-R
WY-Governor-Republican Primary Winner

April 23, 2017

2018 US Senate Election- Top Tier Democratic candidates against Republican incumbents.

2017 Special
AL- Bobby Bright should get talked into running. He represented a ultra right wing Congressional District from 2009-2011, He narrowly won in 2008 then narrowly lost in 2010. The Republican incumbent- Luther Strange is damaged goods due to his ties to Bentley.

AZ-Kyrsten Sinema
MS-Jim Hood
NE-Brad Ashford
NV-Dina Titus
TN-Jim Cooper or Steve Cohen
TX-Beto O'Rourke or Joaquin Castro
UT-Jim Matheson
WY-Dave or Nancy Freudenthal. Nancy is the Chief Justice of the US District Court of Wyoming.

April 23, 2017

Bill O'Reilly starring in Dracula Movies.

An episode on Mr Belvedere-Anchors Away shows a TV News Anchor getting fired and starring in Dracula informercials.

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