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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 07:10 PM
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Assuming Amy McGrath-KY wins in November, Does McGrath challenge Mitch in 2020 or Rand in 2022?

Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Tue May 22, 2018, 08:10 PM (4 replies)

What are Stacey Abrams-GA and Amy McGrath-KY chances of winning in November?

Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Tue May 22, 2018, 07:44 PM (4 replies)

How many US House Seats will the Democrats win in 2018?

207- Clinton 2016 Districts.
9(216)- Democratic held Districts Trump carried by a less than 5 percent margin.
3(219)- OPEN Republican held Districts Trump carried by a less than 5 percent margin.
Democratic Incumbents from Districts Trump carried by a margin greater than 5 percent(Petersen-MN-7 and
Cartwright-PA-8)lose re-election.
OPEN Democratic held Districts that Trump carried by a double digit margin MN-1 and MN-8 will go Republican.
Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Tue May 22, 2018, 06:31 PM (4 replies)

How Democrats could get 60 US Senate seats in 2020?

Hold onto every Democratic held seat up in 2018 and Pick up AZ(Sinema-D),NV(Rosen-D),and TN(Bredesen-D)+3D 52D 48R
AL(Jones-D) is the only Democratic held US Senate seat up in 2020 that is highly vulnerable and likely to flip against a non controversial GOP challenger. -1D 51D 49R
Democrats need to win 9 Republican held US Senate seats in 2020.
1)AZ special(Kelly-D or Stanton-D)
2)CO(Hickenlooper-D or Perlmutter-D)
3)GA(Evans-D or Reed-D)
4)IA(Vilsack-D or Loebsack-D)
5)ME OPEN(Pingree-D)
6)MT(Bullock-D or Schweitzer-D)
7)NC(Cowell-D or Foxx-D)
8)OK OPEN(Boren-D or Henry-D)
9)WY OPEN(Freudenthal-D)
Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Tue May 22, 2018, 03:02 AM (0 replies)

10 US Senate seats likely to flip in 2018,2020,and 2022

1)AZ(OPEN Flake-R)Lean Democratic
2)NV(Heller-R)Slight Democratic
3)TN(OPEN Corker-R)Tossup
4)ND(Heitkamp-D)Slight Democratic
5)IN(Donnelly-D)Slight Democratic
6)MO(McCaskill-D)Slight Democratic
7)FL(Nelson-D)Slight Democratic
8)WV(Manchin-D)Slight Democratic without Blankenship-C, Lean Democratic with Blankenship-C
9)MT(Tester-D)Lean Democratic
10)OH(Brown-D)Lean Democratic
+2 to +3D
1)CO(Gardner-R)Likely Democratic(Hickenlooper-D),Lean Democratic(Perlmutter-D),Slight Democratic(the loser in the 2018 Democratic Primary for Governor)
2)AL(Jones-D)Slight Republican
3)NC(Tillis-R)Slight Democratic
4)AZ special(McCain replacement-R) Slight Democratic
5)ME(OPEN-Collins-R)Slight Democratic
6)MT(Daines-R)Slight Democratic with Bullock-D, Lean Republican without Bullock-D
7)IA(Ernst-R)Tossup with Vilsack-D or Loebsack-D
8)GA(Perdue-R)Slight Republican
9)NH(Shaheen-D)Lean Democratic
10)MI(Peters-D)Lean Democratic
+4 to +5D
1)WI(OPEN Johnson-R)Lean Democratic
2)NC(OPEN Burr-R)Lean Democratic with McCready-D, Slight Democratic without McCready-D
3)PA(Toomey-R)Lean Democratic with Lamb-D, Slight Democratic without Lamb-D
4)IA(OPEN Grassley-R)Tossup with Finkenauer-D, Lean Republican without Finkenauer-D
5)GA(OPEN Isakson-R)Lean Republican
6)MO(Blunt-R)Lean Republican
7)AZ(Democratic Incumbent-D)Lean Democratic
8)NH(Hassan-D)Lean Democratic
9)NV(Cortez Mastro-D)Lean Democratic
10)CO(Bennet-D)Lean Democratic

Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Mon May 21, 2018, 06:20 PM (4 replies)

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats.

Hold onto FL(Nelson-D),IN(Donnelly-D),MO(McCaskill-D),MT(Tester-D),ND(Heitkamp-D),OH(Brown-D),WV(Manchin-D),and WI(Baldwin-D)
Pick up AZ(Sinema-D),NV(Rosen-D),and TN(Bredesen-D) +3D 52D 48R
Lose AL(Jones-D)
Pick up AZ special(Stanton-D or Kirkpatrick-D),CO(Hickenlooper-D or Perlmutter-D or Hancock-D),GA(Barrow-D or Reed-D),IA(Vilsack-D or Loebsack-D), ME(Collins-R retires or loses in the primary/Baldacci-D,Pingree-D,or Michaud-D), MT(Bullock-D or Schweitzer-D)and NC(Foxx-D or Stein-D) +6D 58D 42R
Hold onto AZ(winner of 2020 Special election),CO(Bennet-D),NV(Cortez Masto-D),and NH(Hassan-D)
Pick up NC(McCready-D),PA(Lamb-D),and WI(Bryce-D) +3D 61D 39D
Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Sun May 20, 2018, 08:24 PM (3 replies)

2020 US Senate Election- Top tier Democratic Nominees for each seat.

AZ special(Kelly-D or Stanton-D)
CO(Hickenlooper-D or Perlmutter-D)
KS(Sebelius-D or Davis-D)
LA(Mitch Landrieu-D)
MT(Bullock-D or Schweitzer-D)
NJ(Booker-D or Oliver-D)
NC(Stein-D or Cowell-D)
OK(Henry-D or Boren-D)
SD(Herseth Sandlin-D)

Democrats pick up AZ special,CO,GA,IA,ME,and NC

Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Sun May 20, 2018, 06:35 PM (0 replies)

Could the Democratic Primary winner of CO-6 cd(Crow-D or Tillemann-D) run for the US Senate in 2020?

Cory Gardner(R-CO) is the most vulnerable Republican US Senator up for re-election in 2020. The top tier Democratic candidates John Hickenlooper-D and Ed Perlmutter-D are old boring moderates. CO Democrats should nominate a young charismatic progressive. Jason Crow-D is likely to win the Democratic Nomination for the 2018 US House Race in CO-6 and defeat Mike Coffman-R in the November General Election. Jason Crow-D could run for the US Senate in 2020 after 1 term in US House ie (Cotton-AR and Rosen-NV) and Levi Tilleman-D could be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 US House Election in CO-6.
Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Fri May 18, 2018, 08:22 PM (0 replies)

2018/2020/2022 US Senate Election Prediction. How Democrats can gain US Senate seats in 18,20,22?

Democrats will pick up AZ(Sinema-D),NV(Rosen-D),and TN(Bredesen-D).
Democrats could pick up TX(O'Rourke-D)
Democrats are in danger of losing IN(Donnelly-D) and ND(Heitkamp-D)
+1D to +4D
Democrats will pick up AZ special,CO,GA,IA,ME(Collins-R retires or loses in the Primary),MT(Bullock-D),and NC.
Democrats could pick up LA(Mitch Landrieu-D) and TX(Joaquin Castro-D)
Democrats are in danger of losing AL(Jones-D)
+6D to +9D
Democrats will pick up FL(Stephanie Murphy-D),GA,IA(Finkenauer-D),LA(Bel Edwards-D),MO(Galloway-D),NC(McCready-D),PA(Lamb-D),and WI(Pocan-D)
Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Fri May 18, 2018, 06:34 PM (1 replies)

Incoming Democratic US House members likely to run for the US Senate in 2020.

AZ(Stanton-D vs the appointed Republican incumbent-R)
CO(Crow-D or Neguse-D vs Gardner-R)
IA(Finkenauer-D vs Ernst-R)
Posted by nkpolitics1212 | Thu May 17, 2018, 09:58 PM (0 replies)
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